4 thoughts on “The ACT OF 1871 / Britain Owns The USA Inc.

  1. Its quite well known that certain “founding fathers” after being given independence immediately renegotiated trade with Britain and the Crown and broke all promises with Spain and France for their assistance which without they could never have won.

    What is less well known is that if you cast back to 2005 ish you might remember that rather odd tax code of the IRS that was exposed which showed millions being paid to HM Queen Elizabeth II and subsequently Bush hid it but that tax code was quite an old one so how much had been paid to her since the end of the war I wonder?

    Of course even less well known or remembers is King George was compensated and allowed to keep a fair bit of his commercial interests which were handed over to “trusted” American hands, it was through this British American Tobacco and other of the giant British tobacco companies were formed, secretly owned by the Crown but overtly owned by Americans.

  2. I think this document says they own Washington D.C., and the video begins by saying the act was repealed in 1874.

    Here’s the act of 2013:
    Screw the Brits. They don’t own shite, regardless of how many Jew lawyers say differently, and if there’s anymore debate on the subject, we’ll kick their asses and hang their lawyers, and that should do well to settle the matter once and for all, or at least until someone digs up this stupid document again.

  3. They can claim to ‘own’ whatsoever they choose to.

    The bottom line is they’ll have to contend with God over ownership of ANYTHING He created.

    That’s a losing proposition.

  4. Where do you think the trillions of dollars the Treasury Dept couldn’t find right before 911 went, Santa Clause? I’ve been harping at you folks for months aout the act of 1871 & the Paris Peace Treaty of 1792. That’s why the IMF was started to enable the Federal Reserve a means to wash money thru the Queen to the Evil Elitist Hoard of the European Central Bank; I.E. Rothschild & Rockefeller—–Good job though, you’re starting to break the surface. Now do your own research & begin a plan to EXPOSE & BOYCOTT—-Continue to fight for Liberty Truth & Freedom

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