The Arrogance of the Corporate Elite Knows No Bounds

We all remember back in December of 2010 when the Lame Duck Congress was considering extensions of the Bush era tax cuts for the top 1%, the millionaire and billionaire individuals and trillion dollar hedge funds.  The argument was put forth that the tax cuts were not funded, to which the neo-cons responded saying the tax cuts did not need to be funded because they represented a tax increase if they were not allowed to continue.  This is a classic example of double speak wherein down is up, unless they need it to be down for their advantage.

Today it is being debated as to whether tax cuts for the middle class and working poor should be continued, and in this instance the neo-cons are purporting that furthering the tax breaks is unfunded and hence expenditure we cannot afford.

In the clearest of the King’s English this is what they are saying.  Tax cuts for the top 1% are not expenditures, whereas tax cuts for the 99% are.  This is a deferral from logic and of course the neo-cons say that in the event that the tax cuts go through they should be extended to the employer, hence the 1%.

This is hypocrisy run amok.  This is letting the citizenry know that there are two decisive social classes in the US with two decisive sets of standards and rules.  In short, what is theirs is theirs and what is ours should be theirs because it never could have been created without them.

Bullshit.  Pure unmitigated bullshit.  The wealth of this country was created from its raw resources, which are and have always been the real property of we the people of the United States.  Therefore, the 1% could not have come into existence without our wealth, which they have stolen from us through swindle and fraud.

The arrogance of the neo-cons is now dabbling into the realms of blatant lunacy for the perpetuation of genocidal larceny.  They actually seem upset because the American people can see the blatant theft that is and has been going on right before our very eyes.  They are genuinely pissed because we are telling them they are going to have to stop stealing.  They are outraged because we refuse to just quietly die in the cold to accommodate their gluttonous greed.

The fact is we don’t need any more taxes.  All we need to do is arrest the criminals and take back our stolen wealth.  And unless you are one of the criminals, how could you possibly object?

The neo-cons are the equivalent of a blowfish.  Their numbers are so minute that the contention that they can sway our 2012 election to the smallest degree is laughable.  Yet they come out front and center stage and act as if they are going to decide all matters and that all those who oppose them, the majority, are inconsequential.  They think their wealth is going to dictate our reality.

They are refusing to accept the fact that the American people of the American race see them for exactly what they are, which are criminals of the lowest degree.  You can take Charlie Manson and put him in an Armani suit, sitting in the back of a limousine, but he is still Charlie Manson.

The one party system, is desperate.  The neo-cons will gladly accept Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat for four more years, as this scenario represents survival.  And of course the soviet socialists will accept Newt “the Felon” Gingrich, as again, he represents survival.

Everyone does realize that if one of us was busted for tax evasion like Newt Gingrich was, we would not be censured and fined, but rather prosecuted and jailed.  We would be felons and not eligible to run for president of these United States.

The international elite cannot believe that the majority of Americans are buying into this farce in any way.  It will be interesting to see what fraud will be tried next in the desperate effort to stop Dr. Ron Paul at all costs, because to neo-con national socialists and soviet socialists alike, President Paul spells doom.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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