10 thoughts on “The Beatles – Revolution 9

  1. Yep. Play it backwards and see. If ya remember the 60s – like they say – ya were not there 😆 . yea play it backwards and see like thy say.
    Yea, and they say that Charlie Manson was the reason the Beatles broke up – yea right blame it on Charlie.

    1. I found a version of it backwards (w/ lyrics). Do you want me to post it, here in the comments, digger? (BTW-Ever heard “Stairway to Heaven” backwards?)
      I don’t remember hearing them say that Charlie Mason broke up the Beatles, only Yoko Ono. I did hear a lot of talk about the “Helter Skelter” connection.

      1. Absolutely Angel. YES POST IT, I used to have it but not anymore – something happened to it once when I got arrested for some so called unconstitional stuff is when it turned up missing back in the early 70`s. Yea they – the PTB – hung a friend/room mate over that one they did. I will leave it at that as they found him hanging a day after I was already in jail ready to prosecute me for that too as it happened when they said a crime was being commitied 🙁 Yea they hung my friend when Iwas in jail and tried to blame me for it when I was in jail for something that was wrong 🙁 Yea bad memories for sure, but I still dream and remember MY GOOD FRIENDS that have died at their – TPTB – hands. Yes Paybacks
        Yes they did say that Charlie broke up the beatles. yep, I am proud to say I know a side that many don`t know about Charlie. He was black dalled for sure. Charlie got F`ed over and most everyone bought into it. He – Charlie – doesn`t deserve to be in prison and never did !!

        Ha, ya know what Angel I have never have even heard of Stair Way To Heaven done backwards 😉

    1. YES Angel, if god created heaven and earth and all things inbetween then he also created the devil 🙂 🙂 and therefore left us on our own to go as we please and that is good of the so called god as he saves us all just as He said in scripturues I guess 😉
      Yep, good one Angel I like it 🙂

    1. I meant this reply to the Beatles song and then I see it went up to the “Stairway To Heaven” song 😉 sorry. I am gonna listen to the Stairway to Heaven now though 🙂 . Hey, Thanks Angel 🙂

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