12 thoughts on “The Big Fix

  1. Ouch – buffer assembly and weight in order. What happened wear and tear of mfg malfunction ? Good luck brother.

    1. Katie,
      That’s the front struts of the car they are working on. The caliper is exposed and out of alignment.
      I can donate my time and resources to fixing it, and I will keep the costs to a minimum, say under 5 grand.
      No stone is left UN-turned when I’m involved.
      Now vote if you agree.

  2. So sorry, this Email was meant for my friend who owns this wind screen for a Porsche 911. A new wind screen for a 911 costs around $800.00 dollars, he tried glueing it with super glue to no avail, so i am trying a steel rod inserted into the holes i drilled with some Gorrila glue. If this does not work then it is down to Gaudin Porsche to buy a new one.

    1. That’s funny. A misdirected e-mail just made headline news. I’m glad it wasn’t anything too personal. (hey, Joe… check out this picture of the hot babe I met last night)

    2. Wade, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that sends the Shivleys e-mails that were meant for someone else. Hate to say it, but I’ve done it more than once. Laura’s real sweet though, she sends it back with a lol attached to it. We sort of have an understanding now, I think.

      1. Working out of your phone, things get confusing sometimes. I was shocked myself, i came back to FTTWR an hour or so later and seen that pic, i started laughing! It’s crazy sometimes Katie.

  3. Porsche 911. That is a sweet ride. Drove a Turbo-charged Targa between rides for a summer back in the 80’s. Throw a cute puppy in the passenger seat and, well, I had fun.

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