The Cold War Has Gone Hot

TL in Exile – by TL Davis

As most of you know, I have backed off from blogging as it is basically a tool for the establishment. My words are being collected and used as evidence as we speak. So, why don’t I just shut up? Because that is what they want me to do.

I am engaged in this fight. This is a war. Things are beyond discussion.  

The Department of Homeland Security (yes, I know they search for that in every blog) or DHS (another Internet keyword they search) is an abomination. It is the child of George W Bush, the same person who decided that the only way to save the free market was to violate it, the one who decided that he would save the auto industry by bailing it out with our money, without asking us. It was as Barack Obama wished.

Get it? They are against you. They are not against your neighbors, or your friends, or your relatives. It is personal.

The DHS has no authority whatsoever. It is unConstitutional in every aspect. It interferes with proper elected officials and comes into cities and towns, but it has no jurisidiction except that we allow it to happen. It is a fait acompli because we allowed it. Now it is the primary enemy to liberty.

If you want to know the target of your oppression, the flag-bearer of your lost liberty, it is with the DHS. From the TSA to the tracking of individuals to drones, you will find the DHS. They are, in effect, the Gestapo. If you want to see German totalitarian tactics you need to look no further.

Yes, I write this knowing the consequences.

The fact that you fear the government is in itself a reason to fight against its abuses and bring it back under Constitutional control.

Where was the DHS at the Boston Marathon bombing? Where have they been when it comes to protecting American lives? Nowhere. Why? Because with their billion rounds of Geneva Convention banned hollow point bullets, they are not targeting terrorists, but American citizens, domestic indigenous peoples, US. They do not have to comply with the Geneva Convention if they use the ammunition on us. Get it?

I am engaged, are you?

3 thoughts on “The Cold War Has Gone Hot

  1. ALERT THE MSM whitewash of wheelchair victim linked on Drudge-no comment section(give away) notice newer photo-shows (a bit) of facial expression.

    Also notice how the CBS Twitter feed was supposedly hacked(this sets up an excuse to question Tweets in The Boston Globe announcing a pre planned blast)

  2. There is a marathon in Spokane W. early next month.
    I would not be surprised to see TSA groping every runner and spectator in town.
    I will not be there but for those that want to risk it, look for guys in black jackets and tan pants from Craft International.

    1. Yeah….I can see this coming to a Sport event like NASCAR,..Baseball..Football…etc.etc. or maybe a Concert very soon as they step up the assault………..Maybe even a crowded shopping mall….

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