5 thoughts on “The Daily Dose of Fear Continues

    1. Yes Paul, I did end up ROFLMAO after seeing that! Oh well, our paint just arrived at Sherman Williams so I am going to paint a horse fence. I’ll just have listen to” The Word” when I get home. Talk to you later Paul.

  1. How funny is this?

    I’ve quit worrying about their false flag scares. Aware yes … worrying no. I have another paradigm I need to live in called … my life.

    Painting a horse fence sounds very meditative to me Millard. Kinda like floating down the river in a boat … or fishing … or gardening.
    . . .

    1. Hey Cathleen, I’ll be fishing with my 4 year old granddaughter Sunday on the Chippewa River in West- Central Wisconsin. The Chippewa has numerous sandbars and a lot of gravel bars that my granddaughter enjoys rock hunting on. I like the feeling of the warm sand between my toes! Anyway, the Chippewa River is Heaven on Earth to me. And, by the way, it’s my river and I have defended it from corporate assault more than once.

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