4 thoughts on “‘The Dictator’ Incident with Israeli Journalist

  1. So if I dress up like an over the top plantation owner can I go around bad mouthing blacks?

    I earned some of those medals and ribbons(all of which are USA) on that fags chest. It would be an honor to disconnect them from his body. Just sayin. I know a couple people who earned them too and they never lived long enough to receive them.

  2. Not sure why this was even posted. We come here to get away from the joo controlled apparatus. That is dumbing down our country. Cannot stand those f……!!!

    1. The article was posted because the person who sent it in wanted to hear what our people had to say about it.
      You have identified it as a pro-Jew apparatus designed for the dumbing down of our country and I would imagine that’s what the poster thought and wanted to point out.
      Believe it or not, we talk about whatever we want to here, of course, if that’s all right with you.

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