7 thoughts on “The difference between war and revolution

  1. Thanks, Paraclete. I would hang this on my office wall but it may make me appear to be a radical.

    Wait a minute, I’m already seen at work as being a radical (and in good company with other radicals). On the wall it goes, in the darkest edifices of my cubicle and thoughts.

      1. What the hell then, Martist. Everyone needs a good example of a bad example to point their finger at… until the day comes when they finally realize we were right.

        By then it will be too late for them to reconsider their (lack of) actions.

        1. On a positive note, I can say I had conversations with at least 5 clients today who are awake and see what is happening. Fewer and fewer are considering me crazy. The giant is awakening. Slowly but steadily

          1. I was first indoctrinated into Conspiracy Theories in 1975 when I lived in Houston,TX. The internet didn’t exist yet, and the only source of alternative news was a watchdog newspaper called “The Spotlight”, which was published in Washington, D.C. (now called the AFP).

            At that time, organizations such as the Bilderbergs, CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the Illuminati were considered far-fetched Conspiracy Theories… they allegedly only existed in the imaginations of tin foil hat wackos.

            I was told that when these organizations came out of the closet and exposed themselves, they will have usurped all powers of World Governments and banking commerce. Furthermore, I was told that by the time most people wake up, it shall already be too late.

            IMHO, we have arrived at the point of no return. Nothing short of a General International Political Strike or Revolution (by the 90%) can change the course of events.

            The problem will be the fact that TPTB control over 50% of all commerce and, therefore effectively control both sides in any political conflict.

            A brilliant quote, which reflects our current circumstances:

            “Ladies and Gentlemen, all included, please allow me to commend you all in proving that NO one who questions the official story line is neither insane nor lacking deductive reasoning and incredible knowledge of any and all possibilities that could be the means to how this attack occurred. You have all exhibited the traits of what can be considered “conspiracy theorists”, anti-government” or even worse still, “patriot”.

            Regardless, you are ALL collectively considered terrorists for doing so and
            you clearly you must have the knowledge and wherewithal to how it may be remedied.

            A job well done and may you be as successful in the remedy as you have been in the diagnosis!”


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