The Donald Trump phenomenon: hidden meanings

Jon Rappoport

I have nothing against hope, but the brand of naïve hope that surfaces during every presidential election season is truly ridiculous.

Candidate after candidate lies through his teeth, and the people buy in.

Now some are saying The Donald is running to form a third party and thus hand the election to Hillary. Whereas the preferred alternative would be what? Prince Jeb? There’s a difference between Hillary and Jeb? Who’s kidding who?  

Or they say The Donald is running to provide a safety valve, so the American people can blow off steam, but ultimately wind up with nothing to show for it.

If that were true, so what? Public despondency will set in? What grotesque political swamp-soup are we wading in now?

I approach this from a different angle.

Trump is unpredictable. He’s the only unpredictable presidential candidate in recent memory. That’s a major plus, because the press can’t do anything with him. They attack him on point A, and he responds with his own attack, or he replies with a non-sequitur, or he just changes the subject because he’s bored with the reporters.

He’s mentioning taboo subjects. Bring back tariffs on US imports. Get rid of inner city gangs.

He says something culturally and politically incorrect, and the press jackals go after him with flashing teeth and claws, fully expecting a take-down, demanding a grovel—and he shrugs—and his approval ratings go up.

Putting the press into the wall—this alone is a feat worth celebrating. Reporters want Trump to beone defined thing they can identify, and then they want to assault that…but he keeps shifting ground and juking and putting on new moves and faces. He drives them crazy.

And the crowds at his speeches are building. Maybe he’ll fill a football stadium one of these days.

What brings the people out? They sense he hasn’t got a script. They love that. They think he’s a different breed from Politician 1-A Normal. They love that, too.

The press hates that.

Right now, The Donald is all throwaway lines—and that’s good. If he resorts to analysis, the press will bring on an army of experts to refute him “on the facts.”

Megyn Kelly thought she’d make a bigger name for herself by trumping the Trump, and instead helped power his new numbers-busting popularity. Another defeat for the press.

When it comes to election campaigns, you have to understand that the job of the media is to grind down every candidate to a small series of meaningless truisms.

The press wants empty generalities. They want android candidates in the debates. They want to make a possible something into nothing.

This is a form of intended political correctness that goes largely unnoticed.

Trump has broken the mold. Therefore, he must pay. But…it’s not working. Not so far. Something in the machinery has gone wrong.

Trump has triggered a response in an audience who feels they’ve been bottled up and straitjacketed for far too long. They’ve been seething and straining. They can’t say this, they can’t say that. And they can’t look to presidents for solutions. Presidents spout rhetorical bullshit.

And then a man shows up who seems to feel the same way they do and isn’t afraid to say so.

The press doesn’t know what to do. Every line they feed Trump, in an effort to slam him, becomes the occasion for one of his comebacks that carries the day.

Trump doesn’t use filler. He improvises. He doesn’t play fast and loose behind the scenes; he does it right out in the open.

Worst of all, the media, for decades, built up the image of Trump. He was great copy. His hair, his marriages, his business deals, his scandals, his greedy eagerness for self-promotion.

Now here he is, and he can’t be cast off like an old suit. He’s front and center.

Presidential campaigns ARE the press. That’s the way it’s been for decades. Campaigns are media events manufactured out of slime you’d sue the city for if it bubbled up in your back yard.

The press takes the slime and lies and packages them into neat little products and puts them in front of television viewers. The press runs the campaigns and wins every election.

But right now…a monster has showed up.

Making a joke out of him doesn’t help, either. People laugh, but the laughs are becoming with-Trump rather than at-him. So what if he’s a self-serving cartoon? Isn’t all presidential politics a cartoon?

You can be sure the foul stench-ridden execs at the major networks are trying to figure out how to torpedo Trump. They’re in a dither. This is supposed to be their presidential campaign, not his. They own the franchise. But he’s ripping huge chunks out of their hides.

Is it possible they could unearth some horrendous cheating scandal from Trump’s past, expose it to the sky, and then watch Trump nod and say, “Yeah, I screwed up, so what?”—and his ratings would jump another ten points? Yes, it’s possible.

Regardless of the issues coming to the fore in this presidential season, the real issue, as always, is the press itself. That’s not supposed to be noticed, but more and more people are noticing it. And because they instinctively hate the powdered and coiffed anchors with their presumptive attitudes, every time Trump hits a home run against one of these smug bloodless motherfuckers, it’s an occasion for great glee.

Trump is doing much more than gaining ground on the other candidates; he’s attacking the whole framework of the Show.

He’s sawing off the pillars of the studio sets. He’s slapping the faces of the news hosts. And as the ultimate insult, he’s lifting their ratings.

An interview with Trump isn’t an interview. It’s a circus. He’s essentially saying, with every breath he takes, “See, audience, see this whole charade, it’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Why should I agree to their terms? Why should I consider these doofus Demo-Repub media mouthpieces are any better than I am or you are? Watch me crack the illusion of television. It’s fun. Let’s kick some high-priced ass together…”

On the media front, it’s looking like Trump is too big to fail. The only thing the networks can do is try to shut him out. I’m not sure that’s going to work. He’s cranked up too much visibility jizz.

On the Disney spectrum of personality, Trump is Scrooge McDuck with some Goofy thrown in, plus a slice or two of Mickey Mouse’s good will. But then there is also a piece of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a clump of Ralph Nader (Nader would hate to admit it), a splash of Salvador Dali, and a passable imitation of Ronald Reagan.

Let the press try to reduce that down to a mainstream presidential candidate.

The television medium, in particular, sets itself up to accommodate the lies candidates tell. It builds studios and lights them for those lies and empty promises. It provides camera angles to feature those lies. It hires hosts and moderators who will facilitate the candidates who lie.

But even all this is not enough. The networks set themselves up to offer a style of lying. Candidates are expected to deploy all sorts of hollow, sanitized, and familiar phrases. They’re expected to affect a fake sense of passion. They’re prompted to offer some fake “new beginning,” as if no other candidate has ever tried that before.

Through these mechanisms, the viewing public is conditioned to expect predigested soulless corporate PR and accept it.

This, as much as anything else, is the death of modern politics. It’s bright grinning groomed zombie android death.

Any man or woman who can come along and punch a gaping hole in that illusion is a threat to the Big Sleep.

Trump is warming to the job.


Could he win the election? It’s hard to fathom it. But again, consider his crooked business past against the crimes of the Bush and Clinton families. In those terms, Trump is a mere piker.

But right now, he’s providing another service. He’s cracking the media egg. And any presidential candidate who even mentions laying on protective tariffs and getting rid of gangs is outdistancing Queen Hillary or Prince Jeb.

Trump is trying to roll crazy sevens and elevens. Hillary/Jeb roll snake eyes every time.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emailshere or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

16 thoughts on “The Donald Trump phenomenon: hidden meanings

  1. All of which means Trump is the yin to Jeb-illary’s yang…and at this point the media actually may have a “trump” card to pull on the Donald…Ben Carson, who, of course, is just as Israel-first as the rest of the psychos who can’t wait to be controlled by the Illuminati…Carson is supposedly closing in, in the polls, on Donald Trump, who will only win an election if he owns all the voting machines, which he doesn’t.

  2. anyone who votes is a fool

    and it would be so poetic if not one of us did vote ,, it would out the scam once and for all,, that voting is nothing but complete bullshit

    the next “American Dick-Tator” has already been chosen
    Trump is theater , nothing more

    all the time spent waiting to vote and actually putting your opinion on a DEbold card, run, and owned by the very government thats lied to you all your life, is the definition of insanity .. Sorry cant waste that kinda time , I was told the blacks are coming to murder my White Christian family so i gotta be reloading and not voting , sorry I’ll miss all of you at the polls

      1. STOP IT!
        There is no win or lose. There are no dems or repubs. The elite will appoint their puppet and their propaganda machine will create the illusion to sell the lie.
        DON’T VOTE!
        Let these mother f#@kers know that we are done talking and no matter who they appoint they are all facing the rope.

  3. “Campaigns are media events manufactured out of slime you’d sue the city for if it bubbled up in your back yard.”

    I’d have to say that’s true for ALL ‘media events’.

    “So what if he’s a self-serving cartoon? Isn’t all presidential politics a cartoon?”

    Just ask the Simpsons.

    In 2000, they ‘predicted’ that “The Donald” would be elected president… in 2030.

  4. ” the real issue, as always, is the press itself”

    Not quite. Definitely, the lying, stinking propagandist press is a big part of the problem, keeping the bleating sheep addicted to their boob tubes, ersatz news programming, and manipulated hope that the next corporate political selection will be their messiah.

    However, the real issue is the khazar jew criminals and their freemason and zionist minions who continually connive, lie, cheat, steal, and murder, using and abusing people like a commodity, like cattle and dogs of war, to enrich themselves and the rotten, obscenely wealthy, soul-less bankster families. That, these scum who have usurped our nation and the globe, is the real issue, which no one in the press talks about, even the article’s author.

      1. Thanks for the links, Dot. I got through most of Preston’s article at VT. I agree it’s a pretty good article, and a pretty good summation of posts and comments, using some of the very same lingo as here at FTTWR and Henry’s and JD’s WFTT. Think he’s been reading and listening here? LOL.

        I stopped reading Preston’s articles some time ago, though, because I realized his articles follow a format fitting his definition of a limited hangout. We could discuss that for a week, but I’ll only address a part of his conclusion: “much of the World is turning against it [the Establishment’s Evil Agenda] and working hard to build a complete financial firewall against the US Petro Dollar, the Establishment will likely find its options to adequately respond will become more and more limited and probably more and more extreme.”

        Whether the “Evil Establishment” have the demise of the US petro dollar planned, their progress is very much in hand, being that the Bank of International Settlements, a “Rothschild Khazar Mafia” agency, has been and will be the controller of the development of China’s world class financial system. Funny how Preston omitted that part.

        These bankster family parasites have made the same similar moves for ages, from a Middle Eastern swamp, to a Venice swamp, to a Netherlands swamp, to an English swamp, to a US swamp, and currently moving to China (I don’t know if this location is a swamp, as well), with destruction of the culture in which it was previously based. Feed and leave, if you will.

        James Corbett gave an interview a few months ago, part of which is on this subject and is food for thought:

        It’s late and your other links are for another day, thanks.

    1. You’re right, Enbe. I can’t recall ever seeing Jon talk about the jews specifically.

      However, he is is top-notch at exposing a number of aspects of the NWO’s agenda, such as GMO’s, vaccines, etc. Hands down, one of my favorite writers. 🙂

      1. I like him, too. Absolutely, Jon consistently hits the nail squarely when he discusses the medical and food industries’ corruption and crimes.

  5. Donald Trump, peerless rich buffoon, turning Presidential politics on it’s head, morphing it into “So You Think You Can Dance.” It’s such a media circus now, how is anyone going to come out of that cast of characters needless of a hose down after the $hit’s done flyin’.
    “The Donald.” He wears his $hit proud. No, I’m not endorsing that horse’s arse.

  6. If ________ were serious or _______ or ________ he could be brought down in one felt swoop. There is a lot of dirt on him but he is entertainment for the masses and who wants to kill a Santa Claus?

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