The End of Everything – by Jim Kirwan

Detroit is under attack by the international banking elite.
The gutting of Detroit, its public works, its social programs and all human safety nets is the same Bankster-genocidal model used in Cyprus and Greece.

This is also the model for countless other large cities in the
United States.  

If the cartel banks are not tied down with rule of law and
prosecuted for crimes already committed, the Banksters will take it all.”

This IS austerity. This IS a model for genocide. The financial elite consider any restoration of Glass-Steagall “an ACT OF WAR”. But it’s clear that the Banksters have ALREADY declared war, on the people. (1)

What will YOU do to stop them?

I’m calling on the Detroit City Council to reject, and instead to publicly call for and fight for the reinstatement of ~ Glass Steagall ~ to break up the too big to fail banks.

… It is clear that 75% of major cities enter into interest rate-swaps. These Interest rate swaps were entered into against cities at the highest level: At the London internet offered Libor rate ­ the bank authored rate. This is murder. This is not insider-trading this is murder. It has resulted in cuts that have killed people. There are people at the highest level involved in this. I call upon the people of Detroit to tell the bankers that they are going to jail.

When AIG failed, Detroit’s interest rates went up. We got hit by default and in the meanwhile they (AIG) still got bailed out and the owners got bonuses after being bailed out by the Federal Government. When they failed they had agreed to stand behind our debt. When they went down our rates went up. ~ That should be renegotiated in Detroit….

This week the City of Detroit has become the largest municipality in US history to file for Bankruptcy, chapter nine. Four months after the appointment of an unelected emergency financial manager, Kevyin Orr, to restructure the debts and finances of Detroit ­ a bankruptcy petition was filed on Thursday of last week which would allow the city to default on billions of dollars of outstanding debt owed to pensioners and other employees ­ many of whom have no other source of income, to support themselves and their families.

After failing to blackmail the city workers and retirees into accepting voluntary cuts to their pensions, the emergency financial management has now simply declared that these debts will not be paid. Such an action directly violates the Michigan State Constitution (and the US Constitution). Which explicitly states that ‘the accrued financial benefits of each pension plan and retirement system of the state and its political subdivisions shall be a contractual obligation thereof which shall not be diminished or impaired thereby.’

Lawsuits have already been filed in federal court to block Kevyin Orr’s bankruptcy filing in federal court, on the grounds that it violates the sanctity of these public pension contracts. With Michigan State Judge Rose Marie Aqualina, ruling last Friday that such an action was unconstitutional and ordering Governor Snyder to withdraw the petition for Bankruptcy. As a result Snyder has appealed the ruling to a federal court in an attempt to circumvent the constitution of the state of Michigan. And has even threatened to hold Judge Aqualina in contempt.

Meanwhile as Kevyin Orr maneuvers to pay pensioners merely pennies on the dollar ­ he has worked out a separate deal with the city’s biggest creditors; Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and others: Promising to pay them 75 to 80 cents on the dollar for interest-rate swaps and other derivative-deals which Detroit had been lured into purchasing in a desperate attempt to raise revenue over recent years.

These debtor and possession loan deals take precedence for repayment above all other creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. Such an agreement with the very banks responsible for Detroit’s bankruptcy ­ to sacrifice the unsecured creditors among the pensioners and city workers for the sake of fulfilling the cities obligations to the banks is the mirror-image of the Bail-In policy which the EU financial dictatorship forced down the throats of the people of Cyprus… What we now see, in the case of Detroit is by no means an isolated case ~ this is really the precursor of what is already planned for the United States as a whole ­ were Glass-Steagall to be defeated… this takes you to 6 minutes and 20 seconds into this video ­ there is much, much more in the video (2)

The news over the last few days has carried a litany of those that will be resigning on September 1, 2013. This tells us all about the hell that is planned for us that will become fact, by that date. The public must act before September 1, 2013 ­ or this place will very quickly become a fascist state just like Detroit has already become, with no constitutional protections of any kind.

Look at this litany in Globalization & Jewish Nationalism. This spells out the fact that every major position in banking and virtually every other government post in the old USA is now held by Jews. (3)

We need to be very clear about this. What is at issue here is not religious, sectarian, racial or sexual ­ this is about the end of the United States & Europe forever. We need to act now to end these treasons and free this country from the artificial-chains that Israel has successfully put us all into. We need to begin with the FED and their one-hundred years of criminal-possession over our money & all major banks both national & international which: If this blatant-attack on Detroit is allowed to succeed, what will happen?

We will Die!

So WE must DEMAND the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act.

This political murder of this country was engineered by Bill Clinton under the direction of the Global-Zionist-Cabal. Clinton can be charged with the willful and intentional destruction of the entire American economy by way of his implementation of the free-trade groups he personally fast-tracked into place. We need to stop talking to these criminals and start arresting them!

Coming up we have the resignations of Ben Bernanke, Janet Napolitano and dozens of others, who, like rats fleeing the dying ship are desperate to escape before the steel bars of the fascist-state slam down on all the rest of us. This is NOT a game. This is deadly and is real-life in 2013.

We have to burn down their criminal-institutions and scatter their mercenary-forces wherever they appear to congregate. This is our country but it will be ours only as long as we defend the constitution and our lives in the face of these massive bank-thefts that began when Henry Paulson blackmailed, extorted and intimidated the rubber-stamps that led the congress, back in September of 2008. He told the U.S. government that unless we bailed out the criminal banks the US would face bankruptcy virtually-overnight.

Paulson, Bush & Obama, and their servants need to be found and dragged into court, along with the congressional leadership that went along with that hijacking of this country—which brought us all to this ugliest of moments in the entire political history—which is now in its final days.

Americans of every walk of life need to stop whatever else they might be doing and get this done now. Unless these traitors feel the heat we are finished. Wherever you are and no matter what you might be doing, you must fight this to the bitter end.

The ever-growing and continuous wars beyond this country have all been diversions. It’s meant to distract us from what is about to happen. If unchecked, this will end us and Europe permanently.

These creatures have already murdered the soil, water, earth and the air. They have created and introduced the world to diseases on a scale never seen before and are rapidly destroying the biosphere and winds-aloft. We have allowed the corrupted corporate giants to change the course of the Gulf-stream, while they continue to slaughter life in the oceans of the world. Today the people of the USA have become the next targets of this continuing crime. If we are still alive then we need to start acting like it and stand for what we believe-in or die trying to end this global-nightmare that we allowed to happen!

In late September I’ll pass into my 75th year. If this is not stopped I don’t expect to reach that day alive. That personal observation actually doesn’t matter much, but death will happen to tens of millions of others as well.

1) Detroit – A Test Case for Genocide ­ 30 min 57 sec VIDEO

2) The VIDEO itself:

3) Globalization And Jewish Nationalism


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  1. so like um where did the “Jewish” religion ooze from ?

    since there were no so-called “Jews” actually in the Old Testament.

    countless times the truth is spurned by the braindeadgoy
    for a “JEW” worshipping easy credit loan at interest….

    go figure.

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