The ‘Facebook Lockout’ Is Not A Scam; It’s Designed To Prevent Scams

IMHO, this has the NYPD’s surveillance program written all over it.

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — If you use social media, you may be at risk of getting locked out of your own account, and it’s not a scam.

As CBS 2’s Maurice DuBois reported Monday, Facebook is actually locking people out of their accounts on purpose.  

Karina Moreno is like a lot of Facebook fans — she admitted she can’t go very long without checking her own Facebook page.

“Every single day, on my phone; if it’s not on my phone, on my computer — 24/7 pretty much,” she said.

But recently — without warning or explanation — Moreno was locked out of her Facebook account. Her profile was still there, but she couldn’t log in.

“It asked me to submit a government issued photo ID, so I automatically assumed it was scam,” she said.

When Moreno contacted Facebook, she was told it’s no scam. If she ever wanted to access her account again, she’d have to provide a copy of her ID.

And Moreno is not the only user this has happened to. A quick look online, and CBS 2 found countless numbers of Facebook, as well as Instagram users, complaining of the same temporary shutdown.

“Why should I have to submit it to a free social networking website?” she said. “It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

It’s ridiculous, Moreno said, because she didn’t have to supply a government issued ID when she first signed up with the site. So why now?

“There’s a lot of people faking profiles and using them maliciously,” said Chris Morran of The Consumerist online magazine.

Morran said it is all part of a new round of checks by some social media sites to verify users and prevent scams like catfishing — made famous by the Manti Te’o scandal.

“As long as they’re within the law, they have the right to do what they want,” Morran said. “And you, as a consumer, have the right to not use Facebook.”

A Facebook representative told CBS 2 the company updated its terms of service recently to include suspension of accounts that violate certain rules such as being younger than 13 years old, bullying, posting inappropriate content, and copyright violations.

But Moreno insists she didn’t violate any of Facebook’s new rules.

Eventually, the company did restore her login and apologized, saying her account was suspended by mistake. But she said the whole experience has left her wanting to “defriend” the social media site.

“I’m against Facebook right now completely,” she said.

Before providing a copy of your ID, experts suggest contacting Facebook first to find out why you’re being locked out.

9 thoughts on “The ‘Facebook Lockout’ Is Not A Scam; It’s Designed To Prevent Scams

  1. Social networking is just a big scam. Especialy facebook, twiter, and all the other ones out there. They just make it easier for this POS govt. here in amerika to spy on us all and those who do use social networks are making it easier for the govt. to spy on the rest of us. Yep by useing social networking sites only make them think that we all approve of their wrong doings. Social networks support the F`n jew and commie bastards. Just look at who are running those places on the internet and how they have tried to lower the american standards.

  2. I have read articles tying Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook, to our wonderful intelligence folks. Facebook – what a wet dream come true for these spooks!

    1. Zuckerberg is bought and paid for. He had the fear of God firmly implanted in him long ago. He was told to keep his mouth shut and wear the goose turd head piece like a good little Jew.

  3. ““There’s a lot of people faking profiles and using them maliciously,” said Chris Morran of The Consumerist online magazine.”

    BAHAHAHAAHA!!! OMG! Why don’t they just blame the government since THEY are the ones creating fake profiles in order to use them maliciously? What a bunch of assholes.

    Once again, anyone who still uses Facebook or any social networking site for any reason whatsoever is a complete and utter fool who ought to just go and implant yourself with a chip now and spare both yourselves and the government the hassle.

    Honestly, government ID to log onto a free profile page? Really? BAHAHAAHAAHAA!! And the sad thing is that most of these fools will actually submit to it. Unbelievable. What will it take to wake them up? Really. I’m betting nothing because it’s an addiction for these users. It’s like trying to take away their TV or cocaine and going cold turkey. They need to be slowly turned off of this and onto something that the government CAN’T control. Maybe they should hang out at Starbucks for awhile or go to the mall like normal teenagers do. Go camping or enjoy the great outdoors. There’s a whole other world outside of Facebook and social networking, believe it or not, people.

    1. Agreed. What will it take for them to Wake Up? Doubt most of them will, before it’s too late.
      There’s an old Buffalo Springfield song that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind for some time now.
      “…stop, children
      what’s that sound
      everybody look what’s goin down…”

      1. Angel, in these times I cannot help but be drawn to the music of my teens. It’s somewhat amazing that my daughter remembers hearing me play these songs and never quite getting what they meant. Now I hear from her from time to time when she hears one of the oldies and with the vision of whats happening today and they make sense to her.
        Funny how really good protest songs last for generations.

        1. You are correct, Rhumstruck. Those old protest songs of the 60’s and early 70’s really had heart. There’s nothing that even comes close today.

  4. Fakebook = data mining operation.

    Not that they can’t mine all the data they need elsewhere anyway.

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