8 thoughts on “The Fall of Justin Trudeau

  1. Sorry, I just have to type his words because they are sooooo unbelievable:

    “Regardless of the fact that we are attacking your fundamental rights or limiting your fundamental rights and the charter said that was wrong, we’re still gonna go ahead and do it. It’s basically a loophole that allows a majority to override fundamental rights of a minority.

    OMG!! Is there any so-called world leader today who could possibly be hated more?!!! It might not yet be fully obvious but this is Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot and every other tyrant dictator rolled into one. And oh yeah, he can’t dance.


    1. This pr-k has not shown a majority in anything but treason and possibly superior fire power, especially if he is referring to a fraudulent election.

      1. Henry, this pr_k is either delusional, or a down right mk-ultra robot who got sodomized far too many times on both ends, by his child rapist. His mouth is so full of the spawn of Satan that nothing else can possibly come out of it. Fringe minority. That’s what he calls us. We know better, and when that penalty comes, we will see the residuals from Schwab’s ding dong dripping out from both ends. Sad how they used our pretty little sock boy to do so much damage.

  2. I was hoping for the twat’s demise
    by his own tantrum attack, on the ground, arms and legs a flailing, demanding a diaper change.

  3. The guitar vibe in this one gave me goosebumps! Seeing that yellow Unity banner in Ottawa after seeing it at the peaceful assemblies I attended, gave me the chills of hope, that maybe this mass unity movement of our entire nation, might just work to at least bring this little turd of a tyrant to account. Where it goes from here is up to We, the People. Hopefully, we really do know who we are, and that the Corporation behind this crime against us will be destroyed as well.

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