The Food Stamp Soda Pop Brief

It would seem we here at From the Trenches have some corrections to make in our reporting.  We have been telling you that the reason our economy is being destroyed is due to the theft of our $32 trillion by the international banksters, the dismantling and removal to other countries of our industry, and the ongoing theft of our natural resources by the corporate elite.

Apparently we were wrong.

So what is really destroying the United States? Well here you go.  FOX News, via its award winning and ground breaking investigative reporting, has found out that poor people in America are buying soda pop with food stamps!  This is an outrage and something must be done if we are to save our country and return to prosperity.  And yes, there are many coming forth with ideas as to how we can correct this economic catastrophe.

We should form a new agency in the government whose sole purpose it will be to determine which products can be bought using food stamps.  This should give an immediate boost to the economy as the bribes pour in from the various industries wanting to have their product on the list.  Also we will have another disciplinary tool, in that any food manufacturer who refuses to put the proper chemicals in their product can be punished in having their product removed from the list.

The proponents of this new power say the government should be able to tell poor people what they can and cannot eat as the taxpayers are paying for the food stamp program.  And it is a proven fact that poor people make up the majority of the obese.

This is an outrage at any level, but in particular to those baby boomers who, after thirty years of working and paying into the safety net, are now being referred to as “they”.  “They” should not be allowed to consume goods that “we” have deemed to be bad for them.  If they can afford to buy products with sugar in them, then they can consume them.  If they cannot, they should be made to eat what we tell them to eat.

I actually heard someone say this on the mainstream news.

I think what we need to do is arrest these arrogant bastards, try these arrogant bastards, and then hang these arrogant bastards from the nearest support that will sustain their weight.

These people say they represent the government.  Evidently the government they represent believes that there are two separate kinds of people in this country, those without rights and them.  But then why not?  Their Supreme Court has just decided that they can tell us that we must buy insurance or suffer a penalty.

It sure didn’t take them long to start moving towards the next level.  When is enough going to be enough?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “The Food Stamp Soda Pop Brief

    1. That’s because its been shoved down their throats. In any event, who cares? It’s their life…..And don’t buy into that garbage about it’s costing the tax payer too much money because of health issues. There is plenty of money out there to handle any health issues. It’s just all been stolen.

      1. I don’t either, but (@ Dan) I can’t tell you how sick I am of the commercials we’re being bombarded with (here in NYC) showing graphic pictures of gangenous feet while preaching the evil of All drinks with any form of sugar. I have to agree with Mark and Henry. If I want to have a soda, or juice drink, don’t tell me I can’t or what size it has to be. It’s MY body.

  1. Nothing will get done until there’s a military boot on all the sheeples’ collective necks, and even then half of them will delude themselves after they’ve been thrown in the camps.

  2. “If they cannot, they should be made to eat what we tell them to eat.”

    My oh my, we sure do have so many “Lil’ Kim’s” in our country today. Now they are telling us what we should and should not eat. Spectacular. Can we do the same to them? Oh that’s right, NO.

  3. I only drink Pepsi Throwback, made with REAL sugar. No toxic high fructose corn syrup in anything I consume. To see what I think of Fox News, read my comment posted on the story ‘Israeli Forces Attack Target in South Lebanon’.

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