The Globalists’ Agenda – New World Order Quotes from Politicians (1950 – 2013)

Before It’s News – by Josey Wales

Did you see the recent Joe Biden Video where Joe discusses the New World Order?

Do you think this is the first time the people have been warned about the coming New World Order?

Well it’s not new, it’s just much closer than it’s ever been. If you have any doubts, Listen to them and read their own words as they gradually unveil to the world the plan for a new world order.  

Please listen to these World Leaders, then share this with people who don’t understand what the New World Order means.

This Video is a collection of U.S. Presidents and World Leaders explaining the benefits of this New World Order from 1950 through today..

A historical overview of globalists’ and politicians quotes referring to ‘A New World Order’ or ‘ Global Governance’

Stumbling Joe Biden, he stammers and stutters, then tries to convince you that it is in America’s best interest to give away America’s Sovereignty.

If you haven’t seen Joe Biden yet, you will want to watch this short 2 minute video.

3 thoughts on “The Globalists’ Agenda – New World Order Quotes from Politicians (1950 – 2013)

  1. Even now, most American sheeple are blissfully unaware that there is a massive conspiracy to overthrow everything our Founders fought and died to give us. So long as bread and circuses continue, so will group denial.

  2. But of course, when I say “A NEW WORLD ORDER”, I’m a terrorist and a conspiracy theorist nutball who deserves to be put in jail. UNFLIPPINBELIEVABLE!!

    Two sets of laws. One for the elite and one for the peasants.

  3. Which cult perpetuates religious prejudice, debt money and false war? could it be those chosen by the spirit of evil? Which cult has been persecuted throughout history and why? Is there not fire where there is smoke? Which cult is currently destroying the future of America, printing money from thin air, controlling the media to assure us, while pressuring war with Persia? Is it mere coincidence? Do you know who the enemy really is?

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