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The Government Investigates!


Published on May 10, 2017 by The Andrew Klavan Show

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One Response to The Government Investigates!

  1. Doug Cosmos says:

    Everyone deserves a good laugh and this one did it for me. Except that it then made me sad that this satire isn’t satire at all. But, then I got happy realizing that there are still smart, clever, witty people out there like this guy waking people like me up. But then I got sad because I realized that I’m just a spectator watching a show put on where the plot never really changes. But, then I got happy because even though in a sense I was chained to my seat in front of the TV/Computer with my eye lids pinned open and or whatever they come up with next to try and program with their B.S. that never stops, at least I wasn’t floating around alone in outer space without a super duper space suit that has an endless supply of oxygen with a built in mini me Star Trek food replicator. I wasn’t happy that Kirk couldn’t take me on board at the time. He said his ship was full of Cling on’s so I decided to stay where I was. Right now, I’m happy again because I finally reached a dump station where the aliens were friendly and allowed me to evacuate myself. I can tell you about holding on. OMG! The sad part is that they soon kicked me out of there so I’m off to explore more empty space.
    Stay alert, at least try to stay away and Stay tuned in 🙂

    floating around in outer space like a balloon for ever. BUT, then I became sad once again, 🙂

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