The Great Facebook Con

Facebook went public today.  Through this move the value of the company will go to around $100 billion.  Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, at the ripe old age of 28, has amassed $17.5 billion and a thousand more millionaires are to be made.  One fellow will get $100 million for creating the mural for Facebook.

So where did all this wealth come from?  Those trying to justify this gross enrichment of a handful of preselected future ultra elitists, would credit advertising.  Well that is not quite true.  This is what really happened.

The American taxpayer financed the creation of the technology necessary for Facebook to come into existence.  International corporations based in the United States stole raw resources from the people of the United States necessary for the creation of the hardware needed to facilitate Facebook.  They then took these raw resources to China, where US industry had been moved through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT. The stolen resources were then manufactured into hardware components using slave labor.

You see advertising creates no product, yet the wealth procured from the resources and the labor end up in the pockets of those who actually produce nothing, but rather capitalize on stolen resources and technology.  So in reality all of this wealth represents nothing more than profits derived from stolen resources and slave labor.

This little elitist, Mark Zuckerberg, gets $17.5 billion for coming up with an idea, and one should be rewarded for intellectual creations.  But $17.5 billion for one person is ridiculous, considering the idea was only made possible through theft and slavery.  $17.5 billion would equate to over $950,000 a day for the next fifty years and this is in no way justified because that wealth came from resources that belonged to others and from labor that was extracted through slavery.  And don’t forget, Zuckerberg will get more exponentially as time goes on.

The reason this newest elitist was rewarded for succeeding is because he will use this ill begotten wealth to further the agenda of the one-worlders that backed him behind the scenes.  In short this wealth will be used to further the theft of resources and the implementation of slave labor here in the United States.

Facebook is being used by the ignorant individuals of this planet to create dossiers on themselves, which are updated by the minute.  This is a con and instead of being outraged, the goyim cheer.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

13 thoughts on “The Great Facebook Con

  1. Snively Henry Shivley never created a business with values for others and apparently begrudges the success of those that do. The power of Facebook is in the transformational way it has impacted communication in the world. I am thankful for the hundreds of new friends this technology has allowed me to make. I have connections now with people in places I did not even know existed. The world is a far better place with Facebook and the creation of a public company allows millions to share in the wealth of the company. Not one person paid a dime for Facebook stock against there will.

    1. Carl you igmo, I’m not attacking the technology. It is like this. The real wealth comes from the physically created product, the components that bring you your Facebook. This is where the advertising money comes from, the sell of the phones and computers and programming. This real product is being created using resources and labor, that is stolen resources and slave labor. But I guess the miracle that has allowed someone as dimwitted as you to have cyber friends is some kind of holy cow and we cannot question how it came into being.

      1. Carl. you’re a real dumb ass. Can you make friends without using your computer ? From reading your post, I seriously doubt it.

  2. The interesting thing about Facebook is that it will be the first thing to go when we go to war with Iran for Israel.
    First rule of war? Break all methods of communication and isolate the enemy. This war will be done with the internet, hackers, and viruses right along with the warriors and tactical weaponry.
    Mahmoud is smart enough to cut American access to the internet(Or Obama will say that he did to put us under martial law) and then Facebook will be shown to be useless for global security. The crash is going to be epic in scope.

  3. How sad it is that some people do not have the common sense to understand. Carl probably spends colassal amounts of wasted time on this juvenile practice of fb or myspace etc. Would not know what to do if you took his toy away.

  4. Facebook is a DARPA creation, part of the total information awareness program. DARPA executives will ge the lions share of the IOP. Your tax dollars at work.

    1. Exactly. It is a way for TPTB to keep lists of who knows whom, and who to go investigate when someone commits a crime. This sort of information would typically take many hours per person to accumulate using traditional methods. Now, it’s voluntarily put forth by people whenever they add ‘friends’ on Facebook. This is every bit as much an intelligence-gathering technology as it is a ‘networking’ technology. And anyone who doesn’t know that is simply a fool.

  5. It is not just Facebook, EVERY purchase and exchange of goods must be tracked so we can take a percentage of it to spend on a group of people that will watch closely to make sure no one takes a percentage of it. In other words: Pay the protection money to your protectors or the protectors will hurt you. They will take your freedom, house, job, family, life, etc not because you took a life, house, freedom, job, or family away from anyone but because you are not technically filling out all your paperwork correctly and participating properly in their system of taking freedom, jobs, housing, families, and lives from the humans. Remove the “protectors” and you will find the “TEACHERS” < (big hint for your evolutionary development as a planet)

  6. I agree with the author. No matter how talented and brilliant your product is there are always those elitists who control the market according to their whims and fancies. It is mind boggling to have a figure of 17 billion dollars attached to an individual. Also the shares that were sold were given first to these big asset management firms and big-shot banks so that they can have all the riches and rest of the world gets only from the bread crumbs left behind. These so called sponsors/financers are the very people who did not get affected by the recession and took away all the money from American people.

  7. You’re always accurate and I love your commentary,however I feel that Mr.Zuckerberg’s success was pre-ordained.In other words the elitists have a new weapon to unleash upon society and so need to invent an inventor.This sociopath is a blue blood.A “made man.”History is rife with shining examples.Bill Gates is another in the computer information industry.Eugenesists, all.The banking industry is the same,only older.Check out the Rothschild ties to Jacob Schiff.

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