The Hidden Dangers of Electricity Are a Mortal Threat to Humanity

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Listen to ‘Betsy and Thomas” describe what they found in the research on electricity; then drop below and learn more. Hang on, patriots. This report is filled with red pills.

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Electricity was seen as the source of “life” when it was first discovered. Scientists rushed to share this energy with the public through parlor tricks that electrocuted the unwitting, wide-eyed participant who felt their first “shock” of the new force. It was postulated that all life came from electricity, both in the human body and all living things on the earth. They imagined this force as raying in from the far expanses of space into the electric devise.

Ben Franklin was seen as the “man who tamed lightning” and captured it in a Leyden jar for later use.

Feeling the shock of the invisible force of nature pass through your body was a new revelation that assured the naïve participant that scientists had discovered the force of nature that birthed creation and maintained the human body with life through its mysterious energy. At low voltage, electricity became the social affair of the late 1700’s and early 1800’s and found a place in most doctor’s offices as a healing therapy. At first, it was never imagined that low voltage electromagnetism can also kill.

Originally, electricity was touted as a “cure all” and the methods for its delivery directly into the human body grew by the day. Soon, every doctor claimed to know about electricity’s properties and devised a new method of delivery that they believed was a new science derived from the thunderbolt. The low level voltage of the “electrocution therapy” packed a powerful punch but did not kill people by “frying them alive.” Therefore, it was seen as beneficial. It was claimed that every known disease could be treated, if not healed, by the “medical” use of direct electric current. Doctors, and electrical therapists, imagined they were calling down from heaven the lightning bolts of Zeus to effect miraculous healings. What could go wrong?

Scientists also thought that “electrical theory” was the answer to all unsolved problems from the nature of atoms to the mechanics of the sun. It was seen that not only humans, but animals, plants and all living things instantaneously responded to electrical experimentation. Once batteries were developed, there was no end to the uses of electrical phenomena and all aspects of human life changed as more applications for this magical force were developed. Science left the dark ages and entered into the age of light – provided by electricity.

Unfortunately, as direct current and alternating current took over the world, the search for the true nature and source of electricity was left behind as scientists were able to more and more control the effects and usefulness of this power. Electricity became the slave of modern life, and those using it blindly forgot that electricity, as a powerful force, had yet to be reckoned with. This new motive force of nature brought life, but it also brought death. These basic facts were forgotten or obscured to devalue the forces of death and the illnesses that the proliferation of electricity brought so that science could continue forging ahead without considering the long-term effects of this barely-understood force of Mother Nature.

Science seemed hell-bent on manipulating this universal force of nature even if the deadly electronic devices harmed humans and the environment. No moral reflection on the devastating effects of electrifying the world have entered into the hearts and minds of immoral inventors who seek personal gain through further electrical machinations that are not tested on humans before they are installed and become the new upgraded electrical environment. Scientists don’t question building the next electrical death machine as long as it keeps the masses happy with another new electronic slave device (toy) that has zero moral considerations mixed into the formula. Scientific advances seem to be more important than human and environmental health. All is sacrificed for the “advancement of science” in contradistinction to the quality of life.

The Anonymous Patriots have written numerous articles on the evils of modern electrical devices from cell phones, computers, cell towers, 5G, and microwave poisoning that create the many illnesses being generated by electricity and our digital environment. You cannot overemphasis the magnitude of the health crisis created by unfettered, immoral scientific inventions.

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