The History of Guerrilla Warfare In America and How it Effects the Past and Now

Resist 1776 – by Greg Carithers

Guerrilla warfare is a form of irregular warfare in which a small group of combatants including, but not limited to, armed civilians (or “irregulars”) using military tactics, such as ambushessabotageraidspetty warfare, the element of surprise, and extraordinary mobility to dominate a larger and less-mobile traditional army, or strike a vulnerable target, and withdraw almost immediately.  

This is Greg Carithers again and the above written is the classic definition of Guerrilla Warfare. In the event that our government turns on their own, this is one of the ways we will have to utilize in an effort to regain our republic, country and ultimately our freedom. History has shown that when this type of warfare is used properly, it can cause extensive damage to the enemy both physically and emotionally. The trick is taking advantage of the ever changing possibilities needed to carry out tactics in a way to keep the Militia as safe as possible while reeking havoc on the enemy.

This kind of warfare is nothing new to Americans and can be traced back as far as the 1700’s. One of the first pre-revolutionary examples is the Apalachee resistance to the Spanish in 1528. It should be mentioned that the Seminole Tribe of the Creek Native American Nation remains the only native American tribe to never be defeated in battle to this day. This is largely because of their knowledge and use of early guerilla tactics. The French learned about these tactics when they went up against the North East Indians four times. Thus, the French speaking parts of Canada. A heck of a price to pay but necessary to prepare for the English headed this way.

Next would come the American Revolution. Of course you would think that Guerrilla warfare would naturally be picked up by the Militia’s of the colonies. This is not the case. The Guerrilla warfare tactics or “Little War” was actually brought into the military establishment by the British military leaders as this was ideal for light infantry and the art of using what you have against what is coming and in so many words, covering all of the possibilities. So our fore fathers and the Militias that used these tactics came about it honestly. And so the old saying comes to mind. Never teach an angry wife how to shoot a gun. By the time the American Revolution came along, the colonist had become very familiar with Guerrilla Warfare type tactics.

While many American Revolution battles were fought in a conventional manor, Guerrilla Warfare was used during 1775 to 1783 which made a huge difference and put the name and fear of the Militia name in the hearts of the enemy and earned respect through out the world. The American Militia became know as the free army and the most ruthless people the world had ever seen. Imagine. A country that had been invaded by one of the most organized and feared Armies in the world was chased off of the continent by a free Army know as Militia. It would set the course for this country that still holds true today. Even with a president who bows to our most common world wide enemies and refuses to support our most important and life long allies, we as a people are known as being the kindest and most helpful people on earth until we are wronged. At that point we are feared as being the most ruthless and dangerous people on earth. I have traveled most of the world and know how we are perceived. And I like it just the way it is. Our only issue is keeping our cowardly president and his elite crew under thumb.

Our next worry is our own Government. Will they turn on us? So far it looks as if they already have. Our freedom of speech has all but been taken away. Our right to bare arms seems to always be on the chopping block. And it is these two Amendments that would turn our country into a state of either falling in line to do Big Brothers bidding, or take a lesson from our past and fight for the rights that so many of our fore fathers fought for. Not so much all over the world as they are just as important but the one’s that fought and died right here on American soil. It’s the “Little Wars” that will win the big one. The lessons of Guerrilla Warfare and the ability to adapt and over come. That is the true American way. To hide and make our enemies bleed and suffer is the only way to save or regain our Republic.

What is different now – Technology – Radios, Night Vision, Heat Vision, These things that are available to us are the things that our enemies already have. So how can we get around some of these things? Radios – don’t use them or use them a little as possible. Every time you key a mike, you’re taking a chance of giving away your position, Night Vision – Arrange day time skirmishes. With proper recon, intelligent thinking and common since, thinking out of the box will prevail. Heat Vision – Use it to our advantage. Draw the enemy in and close the door shut. With an inner parameter, mid parameter, outer scout parameter, sniper troop’s organization and the belief that we can adapt and over come, a smart Militia can survive, produce a march and obtain the goal of a safe zone. But even then the fight can’t stop.

Always continue focus on week areas of the enemy. Push in do the job and disappear. Take out obvious leaders. Work on the physical side along with the mental side. Make it so that fear takes over. Be ruthless like the American Militia’s reputation has always been. There is a reason why America has never been invaded by another country since the Revolution. It’s because if my house is in trouble, my neighbor will be there, if he is in trouble, I will be there for him. We are getting back to our roots of All for One. I feel it in the air. And through this time that seems to be getting worse with our government and the times in general, I feel us coming together and the word Militia is a good thing and being part of one is an honor.


With that I will send my love to my bothers and sisters and pray that God Bless the Republic.

Greg Carithers


5 thoughts on “The History of Guerrilla Warfare In America and How it Effects the Past and Now

  1. Yea, I hate to break it to you but America was invaded again. Turn the page in your history book and start reading about the War of 1812. Washington DC was sacked. New Orleans was attacked. These were invasions. American militias failed horribly in the War of 1812 and again in the Mexican American War. Pancho Villa’s militia did invade the US with some success though.

  2. Militias are not designed to fight pitch battles directly with the enemy. Militias are best used in small groups, always in stealth and quickly dispersed. Native Americans were the first to employ guerrilla tactics, Lafayette worked with Washington in harassing and distracting English units never facing the enemy in out right battles. Militias are ‘irregular’ because they are not heavily armed units under a hierarchy of central command. The French in WWII used the marquis the same way. Even the revolutionary battle in Boston was organized by French and Indian War vets into a citizen army which Washington, when he arrived found completely without discipline but excellent spirit.
    Militias are not armies, but a supportive, citizen, underground resistance.

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