3 thoughts on “The Jewish Cartel, Not QE3

      1. Yes Jolly, I definately do agree with ya. NYC looks good but looks aren`t everything. I`ll take the real jungle over the concrete jungle anyday. Yep, look at it, we/they have all have grown accustomed to places like NYC and other big cities but I personally think that those big cities are discusting and were the beginning of the end. they are not normal or even close to normal/natural – people just got lazy and used to the big city lifestyle and people forgot what it is like to be real human beings. Now Humans are just scum bag people ready to take advantadge of our own kind, and living like a pack of vermin ready to take advantage of our neighbor. Maybe I live like I do in a small simple – maybe ,as I like to think a honest town – and I do not understand big city life anymore. Yea I have lived on the streets in a few big bad assed towns and also in a couple of other big towns not on the streets, but I realy would not trade my simple life that I have now lived for the last15 – 20+yrs. for that nice looking big city like NYC or any of them other so called high classed big towns.

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