The Jew-nited States of America

All business of the American people has come to a screeching halt as our issues have taken a back seat to the Israeli interests as dictated by their fifth column operating within our government.  I think the people of the United States are beginning to see that our phony government’s contention of neutrality in reference to the Palestinian question is nothing short of a bald face lie.  The Israeli government says “Jump” and the dual citizen Israeli-Americans dominating our government say “How high do you want us to make them jump?”

In trying to justify the fact that our president is displaying himself as an Israeli lapdog, CNN, the Communist News Network, ran a piece entitled, “How important is the Israeli vote?”, putting forth the contention that our candidates for president need to kiss the asses of the Israelis if they want to be elected.  Israeli-Americans make up 1.7% of the US population, yet this minute minority enjoys the highest standard of living our country has to offer plus grossly disproportional power in every aspect of our government.  Why?  Because the Kosher mafia makes up a substantial part of the international banking cartels.

The Israelis are the worst goddamn enemies the citizens of the United States have and we have to sit and watch our politicians bow to them with an indifference to those who are paying their wages.

President Obama will veto any attempt by Palestine to be recognized by the United Nations, saying that the Palestinian’s attempt to gain recognition represents a bad faith move in negotiations.  The truth is the Israelis have ordered our government to veto the Palestinian bid because they do not want the Palestinians to have the same status in the UN that they enjoy because the Jews believe themselves to be superior to the Palestinians and all other peoples on this planet.

I know you are going to say the United States enjoys an even footing with Israel in the United Nations to which I will say, bullshit, as our diplomats receive their orders from Tel Aviv.  I hear it said over and over and again, Israel is our best friend and ally.  Would somebody please tell me what in the hell we need Israel for?  They have nothing to offer us except death and destruction through our participation in their squabbles.  And if it comes down to those who will say they are God’s chosen people, I will stand on the 1st Amendment which says there is no state sponsored religions in this country, not even for God’s chosen people.

We the people of the United States are giving Israel $8.2 million per day just in military aid.  And in reality this is not aid, it is tribute to our Jewish masters and an affront to the idea of our free Republic.

There was another report on FOX News wherein ten Muslim students are facing a year in jail for interrupting a speech being made by an Israeli Minister at one of our colleges.  Number one; what is this son of a bitch doing making speeches at one of our taxpayer supported colleges with an Israeli flag flying over his right shoulder where the US flag should be?  Number two; what are these goddamn foreign Muslims doing here in our colleges while American kids can’t afford to go?  Number three; how about they just take their squabble back to the Middle East and leave us alone?

I’m sick of seeing these foreigners dominate our government to Israel’s benefit and our detriment.  These Israeli-Americans should not be allowed to operate in our government, and they were not until some goddamn traitors changed the law.

This is another reason they do not want Ron Paul in office.

I have often wondered why history has shown such a widespread hate of Jews and Jewry and why they have been booted out of so many countries around the world.  Now it is apparent.  They are miserable, slimy, backstabbing, self-serving swindlers who would run babies through a meat grinder for a dollar and steal the pennies off of a dead man’s eyes.

If I come to hate Jews it will only be because they taught me to hate them.  They will have made me hate them through showing me their complete distain and contempt for the existence of all other human beings in the world who aren’t Jews.

I’m sure there are Jews out there who aren’t of the evil and if you are one, I tell you your people are leading you toward destruction and you are excluded from the aforementioned.

People we need to take our goddamn government back now and round up everyone who is not loyal to our Republic and Constitution and deport their asses forthwith.  And you scumbags out there trying to shove this Israeli shit down our throats, I tell you this is the United States of America, this land is for our people exclusively, and Israel and the rest of the world can go right straight to hell.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

18 thoughts on “The Jew-nited States of America

  1. How can you trust a group of people that say they are the chosen people of good over all other people that don’t believe in what they believe in? I was born in the USA of Creole/Mulatto ancestry and I just don’t usually go around hating races of people. But I really dislike the idea that they are the only chosen people and do not believe it. And based on this and there hate against us my hate is building to fight this fire with fire. The German spirt in me is getting very angry!!!

  2. They’re not any different than a lot of the Muslims that say we are all infidels and are better off dead. Henry, lately I’ve gone on the InfoWars website, read a few articles, and posted some comments. Every time I recommend this site to someone I’ve been replying to, it gets deleted 10 minutes after I type it in. It says ” comment under moderation “. Why is that ? I thought we were on the same side. BTW, we get a few trolls posting and replying on this website occasionally, but that website is full of ’em.

    1. Clark,
      Alex Jones does not like me or From the Trenches. He believes the truth is a commodity that makes him over a million dollars a year. He is an elitist.
      We use a lot of stuff from Infowars because it is factual and well documented. I think Alex finds From the Trenches a little intimidating as we are in truth what he advertises himself to be – patriots with one cause, the reinstitution of the Republic under the Constitution. We will never sugar coat or make allowances for anyone for any reason.
      We are all supposed to be on the same side and profiteering from the cause is slowing down the flow of information, but all we can do is keep soldiering on knowing that sooner or later it will pay off – not in dollars and cents or Ted Anderson’s gold, but in freedom, liberty, and prosperity for all.

      1. Thank you, Henry. That’s pretty much what I suspected. The people that frequent this site have class, and I love ’em. That site’s overflowing with a bunch of assholes.

      2. What the hell is Alex’s problem Henry? Goddammit, what the hell are we all fighting for here anyway? A free society or Ted Anderson brownie points? Jesus H Christ, this site rocks the hell out of info wars, and we do it for F^$^%^G free! Let’s see how their reporters get it on with zero pay! Unbelievable!

        Now I’m really pissed.

        1. I don’t blame you, Mark. So am I. I couldn’t believe they were deleting this site’s address when I put it on there. Jealous pussies !

      1. On the other hand who has up to 50 people over on a regular basis for barbeques? Maybe they should just buy a building and start a church. Interesting issue.

  3. What a well-written and insightful article! It is amazing to me that there is not a concerted effort in the U.S. to identify the Jews as the “elephant in the room” in terms of the destruction of the U.S.economy, not to mention the economies of numerous European countries. The Jews have become multi-billionaires through Wall Street corruption. Greece is now in total bankruptcy because of the manipulation of Greek debt by the sale of worthless derivatives and swaps to the unsuspecting Greek government by Walll Street bankers. As usual, when the Jewish bankers saw that these investments were headed south, they cashed them in and made billions in profits while Greece went into default. The U.S. is no exception. Jewish Walll Street bankers also cashed in big-time on worthless derivatives and swaps they marketed to U.S. investors as triple-A quality when they were actually junk. But no one is willing to stand up to the Jew’s cry of “anti-semite” whenever the truth is revealed. My answer is that the Jew is “anti-humanity.”. There is a reason why every country the Jew has invaded throughout history has evicted him. The Balfour Proclamation in medieval England is just one example of the banishment of the Jews from England. Is it too late to escape the predation of the Jews? I am amazed at the lack of courage to stand up to this criminal and lawless people. The Jews will win for all time if we allow them to continue to destroy humanity.

  4. This man knows what he is talking about. Bravo to him. Read what he writes many times and “know it” because this is the truth. To verify what he writes look at history and you will find the jews have been literally run out of every country in the world. They are also hated, and justifiably so, for their usage of Kol Nidre. Kol Nidre is a flat statement that all vows shall not be reckoned, no oaths shall be oaths and no obligations shall be obligatory on the jews in the coming year. It is recited each year at yum kippur with the rabbi and congregation. The jew judges have their ceremony at the court house reciting kol nidre which is why we can’t get remedy in the courts. The Oath to support the Constitution of the United States is, according to the rabbi[t] is not obligatory with them there jews and also the freemasons are guilty of the same thing they are not obligated to the oath. Ha, ha to that.
    Google: What did our forefathers think of the jews and read all they had to say. When a jew or freemason judge practices the kol nidre what they are saying is: you, you have to follow the law, but us jews, nah, our rabbi[t] says we are absolved from the oath which immediately creates a double standard in law. No, I don’t think so. We don’t have double standards in this country

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