17 thoughts on “The Jim Carroll Band “People Who Died”

  1. Great song, Hal! He did die from the hi-five. I think being a junkie/sex worker may have played a part in it but a damn good closing song to Dawn of the Dead. The intro song by Johnny Cash is all too relevant to the world today.

    1. Yep, “The Man Comes Around,” fave Cash song among many fave Cash songs…I hear him singing this in my head a lot these days.

    2. The chune to me reflects what I stepped away from long ago.
      Also it reminds what not necessarily to believe in.
      Not sure how else to explain.
      Unless not.
      PS. I believe I’ll hear it again.

      1. A friend died at 18.
        Two years older than I.
        His vehicle planted just a couple miles from here.
        Miss ya, Big Mac!

  2. Gregwood sent a message to be at a prison (he lived there :)), at a specific time.
    A string came down.
    Up went a bag.
    Met him in the visiting room by simply saying a cousin.
    A friend was with.
    Shook his hand with a big roach.
    So much has changed.

  3. Tony died with a wiper blade through his lung in his GTO hanging out the windshield.
    The car was balanced the roof on a support cable of a telephone pole, nose of the car in the ditch.
    Still hard to believe.

      1. The brighter side is that he doesn’t have to see todays extreme goofy (fill in the blank).
        Hope all is well, bro.

  4. Thanks, Hal. Such a stirring song. I first heard it in the late 90’s watching a film call ‘Basketball Diaries” where a young DiCaprio plays Carrol. It was based on Carroll’s autobiography. Very intense. In fact after all these years I decided to watch it again and am currently half-way through it. And there in the soundtrack is that song, strewn against the turmoil of growing up around heroin and around all manner of alluring deviations. Regarding the song… I never wanted ANYone I loved to die. Death just takes too damn much.


    1. Never messed with the brown sugar, sis, nor Mr Brown.
      Watch enough go down playing with what they couldn’t handle.
      I was bumping crank in my teens.
      Seen plenty bad scenes within.
      Never got hooked, and generally walked away from the scene.
      Sad sh!t, people not using their nugget.

      1. Some would say that angels were watching over me.
        I’d say no, I met a few, they said wtf is wrong with you?
        Come here and check this out. Let me show you how to do something cool you can use always 🙂

  5. Think I got a little carried away on this one.
    Just reflecting, and punching demons I guess.
    Good folk here!

    1. Every now and then we gotta get carried away. It’s all too contained. To get carried away is to surrender to the soul and put the persona on hold for a while. Delicate act, being a soul and a person at the same time. The person takes care of things. The soul moves through it all with its ups and downs and its flights and crashes. And the soul puts up with the person. Because of that, it has to sometimes get carried away. Like right now. 🙂

      Keep punchin’ demons.


  6. The two I miss the most still live.
    One in Texas. He stayed asleep. Diabetes is taking him apart.
    The other lives in Sewer Falls, served on the Big E in early 70’s. Took both shots, and taking chemotherapy.

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