The Lidless Eye and the Yo Yo Dance of Butch Napolitano.

Smoking Mirrors – by Dog Poet

Submerged, below the sensors of The Lidless Eye, seeing in all directions from atop the pyramid, indifferent to the dictates of conscience, impartially contemptuous of all life, driven by one imperative and that is, the power to control and to rule without resistance, no matter how draconian or twisted may be the edicts of the scepter.   

The arrogance of power, unaffected by any natural or necessary restraints is a heady brew. It makes them stagger off course and filled with bombast and self importance, it compels them to strut, fret and play the fool for their hour upon the stage. Had they the necessary restraints and attendant capacity for insight, they would have never exposed themselves as they’ve done. Doing this, prancing about in untouchable self importance, with the flawed presumption that they are too powerful to be touched; too big to die or be torn apart by an angry mob, this juvenile personality disorder, is the gateway to perdition… is the genesis of evil destroying itself. It is an unavoidable part of an ageless dynamic. It is hidden from the view of those who harbor fear and various degrees of iniquity and who conspire with the directives and intentions of what motivates The Lidless Eye.

And so… submerged below the sensors, there is the humming of slowly awakening minds, rising in frequency, as they contemplate the Snowden Factor and what it might mean for them. They consider the recognition; the money from the book and film rights, the aura of celebrity, the talk show circuit and some of them, possibly, even consider the good it might do for humanity, this irrevocable act, this blow against The Empire. Everywhere in the halls of power this possibility is under consideration.

Part of The Awakening, already in progress, is the creeping awareness of personal guilt, for things seen and tolerated, for things done, ostensibly for God and Country. However, the only God involved in any part of the process is The Witness, the Silent Watcher, the recording secretary of the cosmos. This is not to say that mysterious motivations are not afoot. Sometimes what we think are our reasons for anything, are irrelevant to the truth of what activates us. Sometimes things happen without our knowing why they occur, or we think we know but we don’t know. Very often, we think we know. This gives us the confidence to go on any way we feel like it. It is attended by glib, self serving rationalizations and the perversion of logic, in support of pretty much anything one might be forced to do, in the defense of a paycheck, in the pursuit of upward mobility, in the incremental acquisition of power; the power to do things and get away with them. It is a heady brew, fermented with poisonous hops, like the arsenic in Morning Glory seeds that casts a darkness over the trip, that adds a grim hue to the hallucinations.

When your thought process is compromised by an atmosphere of persistent self interest, you do things you know are wrong but they have that official stamp of approval which makes mass murder and really, any kind of outrage, no matter how heinous, possess that patina of righteousness that tells you it’s good for America, or Queen and Country, or some twisted construct or another, whereby formerly borderline sane individuals, are transported over the edge of the timeless envelope of naturally inherent morality, out into a strange area of dubious and dreadful enterprise.

In truth, the morphing of a person’s humanity, by degrees into darker and darker states of consciousness does not happen overnight. Onedoes not turn into Janet Napolitano overnight. You don’t become a callous and indifferent mass murderer, like this creature, without having gone through a variety of stages, wherein ever more and more horrific abuses are performed upon your fellows. You have to have gradually killed out every last vestige of humanity. You have to cut the throat of the voice of conscience, crush the voicebox, bury it in deep Earth, so that there is not even muffled and indistinguishable sound. You have to come to the place where you know that what you do is evil on a massive scale but you do it for the sheer joy of it. You are the kind of person who kills in an ecstatic frenzy and washes yourself in the blood of your victims. These are the kinds of actions that would create a sexual orgasm for the person performing them.Janet Napolitano is just such a person. Do not deceive yourself on any account concerning this freak of aberrant Nature. As depraved and dark as you can paint her, she is worse than that.

Creatures (inhuman creatures) like Michael Chertoff and Rahm Emmanuel, who even now is presiding over the worst, ongoing, murder and shooting spree in American history at the city of Chicago are veritable beasts. What is happening in Chicago is not by accident. It is by intention. Devoted Satanist, Emmanuel, is gifting the bloodthirsty demon that he serves, in order to enhance his power in the material realm. These same efforts are being made by other Satanists like Bwak! Obama, John Hari Kerry and soon to be thrust back on to the scene; Smoking (from the fires of Hell) Joe Lieberman. Then in the economic sector, high ranking Satanists like The Koch Brothers, Little Georgie Sorrows (Soros), the Rothschild clan and their associated Central Banking Zio-Ogres;…. an exclusively Tribe centric operation, are collectively treating the economy like a yo yo, in order to spread a climate of pervasive fear and insecurity among the masses. As more and more of the populace, tumbles to the twisted agenda of these Creatures from the Pit, they are coming up with more and more press pacifiers for the sleeping masses to suck on.

Around the planet, there is a common theme, a shared appetite that binds these fiends together. It is an unavoidable rite of passage, in order to win an operational parity with the other monsters. It is a basic tenet of Satanism that one must engage in such a variety of offenses that will serve to extinguish any possibility for good, regret or redemption from their nature. The Evil Inspirator must be evoked from the dark regions of the subconscious. It is the meaning of the line “And may it seal the door where evil dwells” from “The Great Invocation”. Everything present in the manifest has arrived here from the unmanifest. Everything visible arrives out of the invisible. As physicists have already proven mathematically, everything is composed of mind-stuff, everything is thought born. There are various schools of thought that are treating with these considerations. I suppose in some cases, art imitates life. There are a lot of theories but the truth is, there is only one mind (if you’re standing in the right place to experience it) and those of us who have had the required Kundalini Uprising, to that specific awareness, are resident in that awareness and resonant, as well as telepathic by varying degrees. After all, it’s only one mind. For the majority who believe they possess an individual mind, as a result, they are confined within the parameters of a fixed area of limitation and are heir to all the vanities of whatever false constructs the ego has sought to fabricate and entertain itself with. None of the things the ego believes to be true are true. They can’t be, due to the basic drive for pre-eminence, on the part of all unrefined mechanisms, like the ego; given that, essentially, all things are equal and only flawed perception gives the perspective that things are not. This occurs in order to favor whatever illusions and hallucinations the ego has dressed itself in. The ego is capable of any and all crimes, when its survival is threatened, or its image of itself is threatened. If the ego won’t die then… no doubt someone else will.

What better place and posting is there for Butch Napolitano to matriculate to than president of the University of California? The very idea that someone of her demented character would be considered for the post is proof positive of what sort of intelligences (or lack thereof) are running the place. She moves from the casual murder and imprisonment of whomever for whatever and… generally these offenses are for the crimes actually committed by Napolitano and her Hench-thugs, to murdering the truth and reason, while actively engaging in historical revisionism and the imprisonment of human thought. She can push every kind of perverse ideology, trumpet alternative sexual behaviors as more than equal, work diligently for the destruction of the family unit, (which is the cornerstone of civilization) …and mutilate growing minds 12 different ways. She’s the Wonder Bread avatar of nutritionless substance, the sort of thing neither rats nor cockroaches will eat.

I must be careful with this next objectively reasoned argument (grin). Although I have my informed analysis, concerning what people do with the serpent force, when it is in the physically generative mode, I’ve got no judgment on individual behaviors, so long as it is something engaged in by consenting adults (doesn’t involve children) and it’s not taking place on the sidewalk in front of my house. I’m sincere about that. However, when it works its way into excessive control over the mores of society and the intention is… the destruction of that society, which, of course, is effected by the destruction of the family unit AND when feral, psychopathic Tribe members are found to control the boards of directors, of every alternative sexual organization well, I am disposed to comment and theorize upon the matter. It’s a well known feature of mind control, along with the construction of multiple personalities and the hijacking of the individual will, that one’s sexuality must needs be bent in some direction, other than that which serves the interests of the family unit. Butch Napolitano certainly qualifies in that regard and there’s no telling but… we can speculate, just how depraved Butch actually is. As a master of ‘Dungeons and Drag Queens’, it was she who made it a point of hiring a preponderance of sexual misfits and child molesters for positions (any and all positions) in the TSA= Tits, Slits and Ass. Given that she spends the majority of her time around people with ‘special needs’, sexually speaking, she probably doesn’t feel comfortable around that endangered species; the family unit. Her favored intention is the creation of The Family Eunuch; hopefully armed with duct tape and that indispensable manual, “The Ka(r)ma Sutra for Sexual Psychopaths”.

The culture has been twisted into more unusual shapes than those possible only for a Chinese acrobat; the nonsense of Freud, the lingering stench of Marx and Engels, the ever increasing poisoning of food and drink, accompanied by the poisoning of the spheres of media and entertainment. In concert with (pun intended) the debauching of the culture’s soundtrack, into thug noise and incoherent, saccharine redundancies, performed by plasticized androids. If you can’t see this and worse, if you actually enjoy it all and it makes sense to you, you’re not likely to be a problem for those who have no problem turning you over to their sashimi chef at the NSA.

This all brings us to the moment of denouement and the wire screen of the grease trap, fitted into the smoking griddle at Hell’s Kitchen. Some are watching the feast in preparation. Some are battered and waiting for their turn to be cooked. Some are sitting in the cannibal seats, waiting to be served. Some are serving as waiters and all of them are metaphors for something else. If this were all a product of random chance or haphazard evolution, we’d be in deep dinosaur shit. The truth is, the whole drama is orchestrated and performed for the purpose of demonstration. I’d say the cardinal concern is one’s placement in the mix; whether one is the object lesson, or the one learning it at some remove, or… any of the other possibilities the imagination is heir to. Have a nice day.

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  1. “However, the only God involved in any part of the process is The Witness, the Silent Watcher, the recording secretary of the cosmos.”

    O.K., he had my attention until he went there.

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