The Marxist Myth of “The Trail of Tears”

Tomato Bubble – by Mike King

We’ve all heard that sad story about “The Trail of Tears”  – the one about how mean old “racist” President Andrew Jackson (terms: 1829-1837) rounded up the Indians of the Southeast (mainly Cherokees from Georgia-Tennessee-Carolinas) and force-marched them off to Oklahoma. The various treks, ranging between 700-1000 miles, are said to have caused the deaths of 4,000 Indians who were buried in unmarked graves along “The Trail Where They Cried.”  

There is just one little problem with this unchallenged narrative — it is not totally false, but it has been grossly edited and wildly embellished, mainly for the purpose of besmirching the great name of the heroic American figure who paid off the National Debt down to zero and “killed the bank” (America’s Central Bank). Let us examine some of the problems with this attack against “the White Man” in general — and Jackson in particular — and set the record straight about “The Trail of Tears” once and for all.

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4 thoughts on “The Marxist Myth of “The Trail of Tears”

  1. Great article, and
    I always had my suspicions about injuns being driven by”forced March”. Especially since my granny was Cherokee and she stayed in Alabama.

    1. Agree,Koyote, since I have it from the “horse’s mouth” (there are Cherokee and part Cherokee folks living in my neck of the woods) that the Trail of Tears narrative is partially false…a part Cherokee neighbor told me that his Cherokee folks never left the original North Carolina-Smokey Mountains Cherokee Rez! When I was about 8 or so my family visited the Cherokee Rez and saw the stage drama called “Unto These Hills” that tells Cherokee history and ends with the Trail of Tears (which made me cry). Now, if all the Cherokees were moved, then why is their rez still in NC?

      And another thing–Jackson was no Native American genocider, either. In fact, weren’t some of his officials members of some southern Native tribes? Sorry I cannot remember the names. Some might have been Seminoles. But I agree, Jackson gets way too much flack over Native American issues because of his stance against the Banksters.

  2. By author Mike King….a good read if you wish to continue. More discretion after that. You could fall down the rabbit hole or rise up like fizzy drink and subscribe to The Bubble.

  3. A lot of people I know blame Jackson on this one but the truth was that: North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia, all went to Jackson and forced his to get the indiansa out of their states because the states wanted the land to sell and make MONEY

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