The Mighty Wurlitzer – Orlando Pulse False Flag Hoax Proven

Published on Jun 14, 2016 by Russ Brown

Proof the Orlando Pulse shooting was a false flag hoax psyop using crisis actors as part of a continuation of false flag media hoaxes that have been legalized under the umbrella of the phony war on terror.

As for the footage at the start that was from Peekay Truth channel.

If they try and say the victims ran to that location and then carried the wounded all the way past Pulse nightclub to the hospital. Just ask yourself this. Would people with minor flesh wounds be walked past the Pulse nightclub when a madman could start firing shots from the club at anytime? Of course not. Even if that was the most direct route to the hospital they would instead put people with minor leg injuries in Ambulances and drive them around the block so they did not have to go past the Pulse nightclub. So its total nonsense. They have no plausible explanation for that.

Best current resource for penetrating videos on this hoax, We See channel…

That song at the end was done by Kearnsy74, link to his channel here…

01:59 Luis Burbano is a crisis actor and he is the proof.

12:36 how big was the bullet sticking out of his leg? According to this guy its the size of an anti aircraft bullet. I think he is trying to let us know it is a big gun.

24:58 Here is clear evidence that this is a false flag hoax (psyop) or psychological operation where the government have legalized propaganda in order to push the gun control agenda.

35:37 This is a very important clip with a former white house advisor letting us know that we would be “crazy to believe” the things we see on the news (in the context of terrorism) unless we check them out to see if they are “real or not”. So I am taking her advice and doing that with this documentary.

37:58 a former CNN exec warns us that the media are colluding with the government to help commit political tyranny.

41:39 here is ariel footage of the Pulse Orlando nightclub and we can see here and in other footage that this is not a major crime scene. There is no one going in and out.

46:19 clear example of crisis actors all pushing the same catch phrases and ideas

01:00:15 This is another big part of the psyop hoax narrative – trying to blur ‘hate crimes’ with terrorism so they can then clamp down with more free speech restrictions and laws.

01:15:18 the guy is being interviewed 4 hours after the event, but the network needs us to believe it was 9 hours later. There are so many holes in this interview it is impossible to conclude it is anything other than complete and utter nonsense. Impossible.

01:19:14 This is the guy who drove past the shooting outside Orlando Pulse, found it the most frightening thing of his life but did a U-turn anyway and then got out of his car amongst a hail of bullets to help people LOL

01:31:09 the legendary “ya can stick your phony terror up your arse” sony by Kearnsy74 that will surely become a number 1 hit all over the world after I upload this video to youtube?

01:34:00 Everbody’s gotta learn sometime whats really going on

6:27 here is more evidence the road to the nightclub was closed off to all but the media (camera crew) and the crisis actors along with probably a relatively small inner core of police officers (or those dressed as police officers) who were in on it.

Links to contributing channels to follow shortly…

The Orlando Pulse terrorist attack is part of an ongoing NATO (Gladio B) operation in Europe and North America to fake terrorist attacks to push through big government agendas. It is not that Islamic terrorism is not a threat, but that it has been greatly exaggerated as we have been covertly supporting ISIS to overthrow Assad (as we want to control gas pipelines through Syria), so we have had to create this largely phony fake war on terror to justify us having a stake in Syria and so also the spoils of war after Assad has gone.

If at a later date it is proven the Orlando ‘terror’ attack involved real victims then all that would prove is that is was a stand down false flag using crisis actors.

Everybodys gotta learn sometime

Our real domestic terrorists are the MSM

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  1. I had my say on that gig and now, I can’t “un-see” that woman’s fat arse ugly buttcrack, and they had to show it multiple times to insure it was embedded, dammit!


    Guest – FORMER FLORIDA STATE TROOPER and National Recognized School Safety Expert, WOLFGANG HALBIG joins The Power hour to give his thoughts on the recent shooting in Orlando.

    Click links below to listen to show.
    June 16, 2016 (hour 2) – Guest Wolfgang Halbig joined by Professor James Fetzer
    (Fast forward to 8 minutes 30 seconds to bypass commercials and begin listening to interview)

    June 16, 2016 (hour 3) – Guest Wolfgang Halbig with Open Lines
    Wolfgang provides his personal cell phone number for anyone to call him if you have any questions for him about Sandy Hook or Orlando.

    1. Can’t help you with the vid, but did wonder since you are a libertarian from what I could gather, are you in favor of mass invaders/immigrants coming into my country?

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