The Next “True” Meaning of Christmas

We are all witnessing the moral breakdown of our Christian nation as the socialists work tirelessly to pervert the 1st Amendment guarantee for religion to a prohibition thereof.  The 1st Amendment states in part, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.   When the pilgrims came to America, they were seeking to escape religious persecution as the Church of England was government sponsored state religion enforced law.

The very idea that the religious clause in our 1st Amendment would be used to attack Christianity can in no way be imagined to be the intent of our founders.  To this day prayer is still offered in our Halls of Congress and it is rare to find documents from the colonial era that do not contain Christian assertions in their content.  The 1st Amendment was meant to protect Christianity and other forms of religion from government manipulation as the belief in a higher being was the cornerstone upon which our country was founded.

Not until the communist infiltration was this percept to fall under attack.  For the communists to succeed they must destroy our sense of caring for one another as family and fellow human beings, perverting our ideals of individualism to the point of pure raw selfishness.  We are indeed seeing the fruits of their efforts today as we are turned against one another via race, gender, age, economic status, and of course religion itself.

Our tolerance has been exploited to the point that atheism, the non belief, is recognized as a religion, in fact the ultimate state sponsored religion as the state is precipitating in the enforcement of no belief.

Prayer has been outlawed in our schools and pretty much every other public venue has been put off limits to any Christian symbolism, even as we are inundated with pagan symbolism.   Rhode Island Governor, Lincoln Chaffee, following the example of the communist before him, has dictated that the Christmas tree shall be called a holiday tree, sparking controversy as the brain dead step up in defiance.

This is not really that complicated.  By twenty years ago, the Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ was on the verge of being reduced to a commercial paganistic holiday as the exchange of gifts under the Christmas tree replaced the religious celebration for the birth of the Messiah.

Only the best propaganda was used to justify this corporate abortion.  “It is the time of giving so all must borrow themselves into a miserable state to participate as this is what Jesus would have done.”  Christians at that time began to reject the Christmas tree as the pagan symbol it is as year by year the birth celebration morphed more and more into the big sell.

Now we see the Christmas tree and the changed reality of Christmas being defended as even the new tradition of Christmas as a family unifying prospect is to be eliminated.  The communists are insisting that the once Christian holiday now be reduced to nothing more than a series of sales, a Christmas card, and maybe a long distance phone call if one’s schedule permits.

Mike Huckabee, in defense of the Christmas tree, stated that Christianity is not a religion but rather a philosophy (guidelines).  It would seem that the Christian religion is being eliminated through antiquation the same way the Constitution has been.

Maybe after this upcoming economic collapse and third world war those who make it through will once again find the meaning of Christmas as the Christian celebration it truly is.  I believe it can be said that the degradation of our society can be measured in step with the erosion of our Constitution and the Christian principals of which it was constructed.

May God forgive us for the error of our ways.

7 thoughts on “The Next “True” Meaning of Christmas

  1. Many founding father familys were Catholics run out of England by Cromwell. Hessian (protestant) troops were used in the revolution because no Catholic country would help England. Not wanting any more trouble from the Protestants our founding fathers call them selves Deist. Louisiana Territory was governed by the Catholic Archdioceses of New Orleans so protestants printed what was needed to purchase it. Finding Texas catholic and the western states managed through the mission system war was declared and the mission system replaced by the fort system. Reagan fought the Catholics in Nicaragua killing nuns and priest because liberation theology was called commie. That is the history of English war on Catholics in America.

  2. I’m sorry but Xmas in itself is pagan. No where in the Bible does it state that Dec. 25th is Christ’s birthday, nor does it state that we should remember or celebrate the day He was born. As Christians, we should flee the idolatry that is Xmas, with the trees and the gifts and the gluttony and the many other things that are contrary to the Christian walk. Want to celebrate Christ’s birth? Why not start by keeping His commandments (John 14:15)?

    1. Christ was most likely born in the summer or early fall.

      They would not have had a census in the dead of winter.

  3. With wars not in the US interest, over representation and appointments, and the absolute taboo on Christmas I am beginning to think Judaism is really our state religion.

    1. It certainly seems to be the case. There are no prohibitions on menorahs and hexagrams. The jews claim they weren’t responsible for killing Christ 2000 years ago. They’re doing their best to kill him today.

  4. “Rhode Island Governor, Lincoln Chaffee, following the example of the communist before him, has dictated that the Christmas tree shall be called a holiday tree, sparking controversy as the brain dead step up in defiance.”

    In light of this, has anyone ever noticed that Christmas and New Years commercials have practically been rolled into one? Notice how commercials on the radio or TV or even the news never say, “It’s Christmas season”. They always say, “It’s the Holiday season”.

    Instead of saying, “Shop now for Christmas specials”, they say, “Shop now for Holiday specials”. Look at the stores. NOTHING really says Christmas anymore. Everything says, “Holidays” or “Happy Holidays”. Even the things they sell say, “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” and their Christmas section is now called, “The Holiday bundle” section. What happened to “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”? Is that so hard?

    It’s like changing the name “stewardess” to “Flight attendant”. It is what it is. It’s the dumbing down of America. Trying to get the people away from Christmas and New Years and just call it “Holidays”. No such thing as “I’ll be home for Christmas” anymore. “It’s I’ll be home for the Holidays”. WTF!!!!

    At work at our shopping call center, I notice our call center sending out flyers to customers saying, “Happy Holidays” Not “Merry Christmas”. Hell, we even have our shipping and handling special called, “Holiday Bundle” and not “Christmas Bundle”. Also a majority of customers call in and say, “Have a Happy Holiday!”, rather than “Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” Have we really become so low that it has become politically incorrect to even say, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”?? I mean really.

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