The Obama-Soros Conspiracy To Nuke America And Kill 300 Million People Exposed!

Isn’t this the same Garrow who also proclaims to be a doctor and rescues kids from China, when he isn’t saving the free world?

Right Wing Watch – by Brian Tashman

Did President Obama and George Soros plot to murder 300 million Americans by dropping nuclear bombs? Yes! That is, according to right-wing activist Jim Garrow, who now claims to be a former intelligence officer. Erik Rush kicked off his radio show on Tuesday by reading from a Garrow article about how Obama planned to detonate nuclear weapons throughout the US until three heroes in the military stopped him:  

You may remember that Rush thought Obama would nuke DC to justify an operation to bomb Syria…and that the president then orchestrated the Navy Yard shooting to stop the Navy from arresting him.

Now, Rush and Garrow say that Obama had plans to nuke Charleston, South Carolina, and other cities throughout the US.

But why?

To distract from Benghazi?

No! To let George Soros get even richer by betting against the US dollar:

Garrow also claims that “Bath House Barry” — after attempting to destroy the United States— will blackmail every politician, military leader and police officer in America to get himself a third term.

After 90 percent of the population has been eliminated, the only people left in the country will be the elites, including Obama and Valerie Jarrett, who will live in luxury bunkers.

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Garrow & Rush: Obama Should Be Tried And Executed Over Mythical EMP Plot

Right Wing Watch – by Brian Tashman

Did you know that the Iranian nuclear deal was really a way for President Obama to distract the world from his thwarted plot to nuke America? Well, you do now!

Conservative activist Jim Garrow appeared yesterday on Full Contact with Erik Rush, where he presented his theory that the Geneva talks weren’t, as some have claimed, about distracting Americans from Obamacare but were actually the latest trick of the “Barnum and Bailey huckster in the White House” to keep the lid on an aborted nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

Garrow and Rush, a Fox News regular, have both insisted that Obama almost nuked America until three anonymous members of the military [brass] blocked his deadly plan, which Garrow claims was meant to help George Soros make money by betting against the US dollar.

“People were looking and started looking at this whole notion that there could have been this EMP event being planned,” Garrow said. “300 million people would have died within a year if it hadn’t been for those three individuals who took a bullet, basically a career bullet, a career-ending bullet, and maybe a life-ending bullet, we’ll have to see, we will have to safeguard them by getting the details out there.”

The two also praised Paul Vallely, a former general who spoke at Larry Klayman’s rally in favor of a “Second American Revolution” against President Obama.

Garrow said that Obama should be removed from office, tried for treason and “either put up against a wall and shot or hung” over the EMP plot. He also envisioned a sheriff with military support trying to arrest Obama for treason, noting that “whether it would be legal or lawful to do it would be answered after the bullets were fired.”

Garrow: This call for the removal of the president is highly appropriate; in fact it is appropriate given what the alternative would be. If in fact this man is doing the things that he is being reported to be doing, he needs to be removed, he needs to be in fact tried for treason and of course the finality of that is a man gets either put up against a wall and shot or hung. Treason is not to be stood for — ever — and that’s what we have right now in the White House. Paul [Vallely] isn’t talking about the nuclear side of it but I know they are letting me do that and take bullets.

Rush: Aside from the fact that as I mentioned before you came one, Obama remains the consummate BS artist and actor. Despite all of that, I’m sure that he knows what the alternative is should he fail, should we succeed, should these things come out and be widely known and if he were to be removed I’m sure that he knows that the penalties for such actions that he has taken do fall within those unpleasant realms of execution and all of that unpleasant stuff. I think it is very noteworthy that General Vallely has come out and said that impeachment is not the way to go, he’s talking about making the President’s position so untenable that those in Congress right up to the Speaker and the Senate Minority Leader and all of those folks, action has to be taken and making things essentially not work, they won’t be able to get anything done for all of the political upheaval. He is talking about peaceful demonstrations.

Garrow: He’s also talking about the removal of Mr. Obama and to remove him has all sorts of ramifications and implications. How do you remove him? Frankly, we have sheriffs in the country who by law have the right to arrest people. They’re the guys, if someone was going to go in and arrest the president, it would be probably a sheriff along with military to back him up because you still got the Secret Service, you still got people who are there to protect the President, and they have to be contended with. Whether it would be legal or lawful to do it would be answered after the bullets were fired.

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20 thoughts on “The Obama-Soros Conspiracy To Nuke America And Kill 300 Million People Exposed!

  1. This would be treason of the highest order if proved to be true. However, how did the two Army Generals and the Navy Admiral receive their orders from Obama? Did they receive their orders on paper, via encrypted email, or by coded voice command? You will need tangible evidence to show that Obama (and other co-conspirators) committed these acts of treason.

    Also, if Obama is arrested, there will be the problem of retribution by the International community, especially the Countries holding our massive debt. Perhaps this is why China and Russia (purported enemies of the USA) have been invited to train/operate on our mainland?

    In retrospect, it would be easier and less complicated for the military to assassinate ALL who evidently committed treason. We cannot depend on the Judiciary Process to incriminate these demons. After all, if there is evidence of treason and the penalty is death then assassination by the military would remove the red tape of the judicial system and the protections of the Secret Service/CIA/NSA/DHS. Obama’s self proclaimed, executive right to kill Americans without charge or trial is a double-edged sword. If you act with the sword of treason, then you can die by the same sword with military retaliation.

    The only problem with this assassination scenario is that the military would be violating the protections of the Constitution and lowering themselves to the same level as the people who committed treason. All is fair in love and war? Ask JFK.

    1. Speaking of the military…

      How many in the military, past or present, have abided by their oaths, the military oath?

      1. Cynicles asked: “How many in the military, past or present, have abided by their oaths, the military oath?”

        Probably the same amount as Congressman and Senators that abided by their oaths. Perhaps many in the military have a conscience and soul, unlike our Country’s political leaders. This may help explain all the military suicides, AWOL desertions, and whistle blowers.

  2. I say we just line ’em up, everyone in the Senate, the House, and the Executive branch, and shoot them where they stand. In light of the ammo shortages, make them stand in line like the Germans did so you can kill as many as possible with one bullet.

    1. We have plenty of rope and plenty of dispossessed, disenfranchised, and civilly dead Americans living in the tent cities to serve on the juries.

  3. HOLY COW !!!! If this IS true, then Obama is totally backed into a corner.
    He has only one way out………. Folks, give it a couple of days and there WILL be some sort of a major false flag on American soil….or he will be forced out of office. Impeachment gives him too much time to finish what he started.
    Pamela Rae Schuffert told us of this story months ago (that there was a plan to detonate several EMP’s around the U.S.). While I applaud the Generals, I also salute the Special Forces teams who went around this Country dis-arming these devices.

  4. we are all guilty of the same thing, you go first attitude,we all have to eat
    to pay our bills and rent to the govmnt every year to own our own property, so we don’t do what we know we must.
    We all will stand when someone else stands first, but no one wants to be
    the one that stands first.
    I am just as guilty as the rest are…..
    But one thing i do have is faith in true American nationals, and the underestimation that usurper p o t u s has of americans, that will be his down fall….

  5. Lets round up all the traitors not only to the nation, but to God almighty, as they work for our enemy satan. Then lets put them all on a very big boat capable of holding the entire white house team, and family, and the entire congress, and senate. Then let us sail it to the middle of the ocean, and sink her. Let us make sure she goes down slowly, very slowly, and let us not depart the scene, until we are sure that nothing not one piece of sh it survived.

  6. I hear that there is something major brewing in Colorado, that is supposed to happen before Christmas. Something about federalizing the Sheriffs and LEO’s and securing the whole state for the new capitol because Washington DC is going to be nuked. They plan on moving into their underground bases at Denver International Airport (The New World Airport) and the military bases at Cheyenne Mountain. All of the alphabet agencies have already built new headquarters there.

    They need to secure the whole state of Colorado first so as to base their operation to overtake the whole country during the civil war, economic collapse, martial law, and gun confiscation nation wide, using foreign troops, jihadists cells, and mercenaries. The sheriff’s, and leo’s families will be held as hostages to get them to coroporate with the plan. After 30 days, or so, after being used as cannon fodder they will be elininated, as in the “night of the broken glass”, “Kristallnacht”. Your children will be separated from their teachers and hearded off from schools, and used to get you to turn in your guns, but you will be arrested anyway and never see your kids again anyway. Your kids will be trained in the ways of the new world order and raised by the regime. You will be executed.

    You know the rest of the story. So, there is a fight coming so get ready. If you look at the way things are going right now, they need to make their move very soon.

    1. If that is true, and if a nuke did go off in Charleston, SC, that would be close enough for the government in D.C. to create a public panic that would allow them to get the consent of the people to allow them to move their entire facilities over to Denver. Maybe that’s why Obama was pissed. They couldn’t accomplish their Problem-Reaction-Solution plan. It ruined a very big operation that they were trying to execute. Think about it.

  7. Obama will not be removed from office by any means. Read the Obama prophecies of Pastor Hale and prophet Linda Newkirk at, Obama is just getting started with the destruction of America…. Click on my name for the link.

    1. All the dots connect in a cyclic circle of false flag events that have repeated many times (TPTB lack imagination and are blinded by conquest & power). The truth is often stranger than fiction; therefore, I suspect this potential nuke scenario was far worse than we will ever know… and is bound to happen sooner than later. Obama was just set back in his plans until he can appoint Generals who will commit treason.

    1. I think that Confucious meant to say that these two “different” men share/distribute the same disinformation… they are not physically the same person.

      1. Badly worded.

        Had he stated that “Jim Garrow” is another “Mike Rivero”, the meaning would have been perfectly clear.

  8. Wouldn’t bombing ourselves affect basically the whole world? America does so much business with other countries, right? eg China! I doubt this will happen when they realize what they are doing to other countries. It’s not worth killing 300 million people out of 7 billion people.

    1. Well, considering that we are the “Armed” 300 million of those 7 billion that has the firepower to resist them on their NWO plans, ahhh… I think that they might consider it.

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