The People Are No Longer Believing Their Governments, This Is How It Begins

Published on Jan 3, 2014 by X22Report

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Portugal is going after the people’s money any way they can, tax on pension or increase pension contribution. People in Spain, France, Italy, US and more do not believe their Governments that the economy is getting better. Unemployment, underemployment high and GM sales way down. Gun confiscation begins as President Obama is going after the mentally ill which is really the veterans. NSA expanding their spying matrix and building lists of those who will be a threat to them. The Corporate media is keeping terrorism in front of all American’s this is in preparation for the false flag event.

3 thoughts on “The People Are No Longer Believing Their Governments, This Is How It Begins

  1. How can anyone ever trust a govt. that makes laws and expects the people to follow and then the govt. doesn`t have to follow. The U S govt. is never held accountable for their actions and mistakes – if ya want to call their f ups mistakes as it think their screw ups are intentional so therefor I suppose ya can say they are not mistakes or f ups.

    1. welp anyone that can diggerdan is juggling mental problems. And I don’t mean the kind of lose your right to bear arms cause it’s in the Obamacare DSM-IV type, I mean the kind where truth is skewed with shitty lies which fluctuate public opinion day after day. Major event after major event, instead of actually planning for the future Say 10 years ahead…

  2. received word today from a text sent to me last night that fukushima japan reactor number 3 blew up yesterday 1/3/14.

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