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The President Does It Again…

Reality Blog – by Clint Richardson

I’d just like to remind the good people of America that there is only one man that the people voted in as president of the United States – well, technically he is elected by the electoral college and not the people, but who’s really paying attention to politics anyhow?

And again I’d like to remind the people that this one “elected” man in the presidency then appoints all other officers and cabinet members of the Federal Government. He is the Chief Executive Officer – the boss. All other officers are underlings operating solely on the authority of the President conveyed to them… millions and millions of unelected men and women controlling every aspect of our lives.  

Do you get it?

These officers are not just the appointed goons of this “elected” man named Obama – they are Obama. Everything they do is in his name and under his authority. They are not voted in or elected to their positions. They are appointed by Obama to do his job. Thus, they are Obama.

When the ATF got caught in gun smuggling operations, the ATF was Obama.

When the military unlawfully attacks and occupies foreign countries and rebuilds nations, the military is Obama – acting under Obama’s “Emergency War Powers” and his declared “National Emergency” to bypass Congress, waging unlawful war while officially calling it a “mission of peace”.

And yes, when the IRS commits fraud, purposeful malfeasance, and discrimination while targeting certain political groups in illegal tax audits from its corporate headquarters in Guam, it is the “elected” President of the United States who appoints the Commissioner of that corporation, who in turn appoints managers, Chief Financial Officers, and all other unlawful employees that come after you in the middle of the night.

Of course, the game show of government is playing out as it always does, as the Obama appointed Attorney General (head of the Executive Branch legal team) will be investigating the case of the IRS (part of the Executive branch) through the court system (part of the Department of Justice – which is part of the Executive Branch). What does this mean? It means that the President is investigating himself and his appointed Executive Offices with his own Executive powers!!!

It was not the “Commissioner” who perpetrated the attack on the enemies of Obama; it was Obama – for the Commissioner was acting under the authority of only one man – the “elected” office of president; the Executive.

But it is always the patsy that must resign his appointed office, as we see again with the appointed Commissioner Steven Miller.

But I demand that Obama himself resign, for he is the only man with any power granted by the people (well, ah… sort of – whatever!), which makes the president fully responsible for any action taken by the Executive Branch. Everyone else is appointed by him or by someone else that he appointed!!!

Now imagine, folks, if you actually had a man as your president who was actually responsible for his own actions…

What a different world it would be.

But you didn’t vote for me to be president… not that the electoral college would have accepted the public vote as anything but what it actually is – entertainment.

This is America…?

It’s time to wake up from this dream, isn’t it?

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9 Responses to The President Does It Again…

  1. diggerdan says:

    This is one of those articles that puts the blame where it belongs – right on the president – and it is responsibility to do something about what has been going on here in america…. By the way – seeing as how obama said that he quit smoking cigarettes – what do ya`ll think he is smoking in that pic. above. Maybe a drug/pee test is in order maybe?, I think so. 🙂

  2. lostwoodradio says:

    yes this is america so whats this bs article about us haveing a president we have no such thing maybe they are referring to the u.s. corporation which has a president of the corp but we here on the land DO NOT NOR HAVE WE EVER stop swalling this propoganda there has not ever been a land mass called the united states its a corporation run out of another area that should not have ever been allowed the district of columbia or any other word starting with c you wish to use
    the land mass we live on is america we are americans the corporation they use to do all this harm to ppl is the united states corporation it only exists on paper and only a fool would think they live in words on paper

    • geronimo says:

      what about the responsibility of the American people? They RE-elected him. That is who needs to wake up. The buck stops there. They did the same under criminal Bush like criminal Obama.

      In America, its always someone else’s fault, and its always someone else who should do the work and “save us”. Around the world the people fight back. Here the slaves hit the bars.

      • Henry Shivley says:

        What makes you think we voted them in? Are you indicating that you believe the election system in this country to be above board?
        Banana republics are laughing at us and especially people who think this government was legitimately put in place.

        • milidude says:

          Truth. all elections have been controlled fraud since the electronic voting systems were implemented. dont forget that scotus corrupted the legitimacy of the election system by deciding the 2000 presidential election candidate(boosh).

      • diggerdan says:

        Obama was elected long before the elections geronimo. Obama nor any other pres. never does anything they say will do. They want the glory but they don`t do sh*t for america except create war in other countries, they create poverty here in america, and they all throw parties for their elite/MWO freinds and supporters at our expence. You would have to be deaf and dumb not to know that – they are all the same

      • milidude says:

        No president has been duly elected since the coup de’ etau of el-booshco in 2000. then and there did the scotus supplant our election system and its been a broke-dick-dog ever since. remember after the election in 2008/all red states were calling it for obummer even though the electoral college said it would be days/weeks for the results to be tallied. they dont call the crooked electronic vote system diebold for nothing. because of the corruption of the diebold electronic voting systems, all patriots will be required to die boldly in order to transmutate this pathocracy into its former republic. obummer is so arrogant and narcissistic, as holder is, they are throwing the shit in our faces now/taunting us to retaliate. soon enough…….soon enough. the tree of liberty will be watered with the blood of the tyrants.

      • lostwoodradio says:

        not one american elected anyone to do anything for them you are refering to those fools who think they are words on paper u.s. incorporated citezens

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Wait a minute. Is there someone here saying there’s actually a difference between either candidate presented for election?

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