The Problem with the USA is Evident

Well we made it through the 4th of July and today all the international insurgents within our government that were out spewing their hypocrisy yesterday, are back to planning and perpetrating their insatiable evil.  The rest of the idiots out here will continue to wave their plastic flags made in China as those who control them, like the imbeciles they are, get on with the domestic spying, police brutality, corrupt court rulings, and international genocide in the name of Zion.

And let us not forget the ongoing and omnipresent continuing of the theft of our natural resources.  But not to worry, I saw the future yesterday.  These holier than thou self appointed thinkers for the rest of us have got it all figured out.  They are going to….duh….elect…..duh….Mitt…duh…Romney and make this America again.

The morons among us have become intolerable and the real pisser is they are the ones who still have homes, money, and nice cars.  Why?  Because they are stupid and the goal of this insurgent government for the last hundred years has been to empower the stupid as they will continue to shell out the money for their own destruction right up until they walk into the gas chamber.

I will tell you what, all you good ole boy neo-con red necks and all you soviet socialist communist freaks.  We the people, who have been suffering for so long for nothing more than your pathetic stupidity and cowardice, are going to punish you in ways that would make an inquisitioner avert his eyes.

You literally are not worth the powder it would take to blow your brains out.  Before this whole thing is over you are going to be put in your place.  And your progeny will be closely monitored and at the first sign of hereditary stupidity we are going to remove them from the gene pool also.

I don’t think anything eats at me quite as much as a retard with a red white and blue ball cap on regurgitating the slogans and buzz words they learned from FOX News and MSNBC.  But I guess it is bound to be, as it is evident that you cannot read and need a source that repeats over and over 24/7.  And even at that you get different aspects mixed up.

I would just love to continue to address the endless bounds of your moronic behavior, but I have found in the end that there are no words in the English language sufficient to portray your wanton, blatant, mush minded, dead headed, ignorant, stupid pathetic essence.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

14 thoughts on “The Problem with the USA is Evident

  1. I feel the same way, it seems that people my age (60) are lining up for

    food banks
    ssi disability
    va disability

    It really is sad,

  2. There are some in my family that still have. I told them back in 2005 that they were going to see in the future something that has not been witnessed in their lifetime. Of course i needed to be put on some sort of medication or something. I told them that this is going to go up the ladder , including the rung that you have a foot on ,so to speak. Once again, i am a nutter. Well, it seems as though the crunch is affecting them as well now. They just do not know why. Ever since i discovered back in 2002 that 9/11 was a false flag attack(even with all the info i have tried to show them such as 6 and maybe more of the hijackers are still alive) they still do not want to see the truth. They asked me if they are alive, how did they get out of the planes before impact? They can not accept the fact that they were not on the planes to begin with. It takes years to break through these individuals that are thoroughly brainwashed and it is impossible unless they want to know truth. Even when they start to lose everything themselves, there must be another reason other than the truth. Hard to accept i guess. Tried to get them to understand fascism, and that it is not discrimatory and just because you still have something left does not mean they are through. They are coming after you too. Of course, i am just bitter. Well, starting to take its toll now as they see every property they own(soon to be owned) so far underwater and you could barely give them away where i live in florida. They still believe that some one with a white hat is going to step into DC and spare them from ruin. Time for this class of individuals to get off the fence . Will not happen though. My own family will become my enemy unfortunately, it is inevitable.

    1. You’re so right, jeff. (Are you sure you weren’t talking about my husband’s entire family back in TX? LOL)

  3. jeff,
    for the last 20 years my extended family has thought I was crazy for being a prepper.

    NOTHING YOU CAN SAY WILL WAKE THEM UP, THEY FIRST MUST HAVE THE “WANNA” till them wanna wake up all your efforts are a waist of time,

  4. Unfortunately, the only way to wake most people up, is to take away their idiot boxes. Then you’re going to have a REAL fight on your hands!

  5. Take away the idiot box????

    How will we know which brand of GM sap salad we should eat!

  6. Dear Mr. Henry Shivley (Article Author),

    Normally, I would consider such an article as pure cynicism at its worst, or a mindless ranting at its best,…

    The Great Unfortunate Truth is,… your article is neither,.. it is a respectable reflection of the pyschology of our brainwashed masses, and their unwillingness to challange the culture that is responsible,.. hence their brilliance, however evil their intent.

    The truth is,.. our society is the greatest propogandized collection of human beings in the history of mankind.

    Most of this has been done by utilizing Bernaysian Propoganda Techniques to instill Manchurian Behavior Characteristics.

    A Quick Explanation:

    Edward Bernays – Circa early 1900’s, was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and is considered the Father Of Mass Communication Theory,.. you know,.. how to lie to the masses and get them to believe nonsense,.. which then becomes incorporated into a persons basic belief system.

    The Manchurian Candidate – A novel written in 1959 by Richard Condon, actually reflected the results of the CIA’s MK-Ultra Program in how to get people to act in a way that is wholly detrimental to their own interests, without them realizing it, which in this particular book, was training people to kill on hearing a special phrase or word, which would cause them to act without the knowledge they were doing so.

    These two fundamental operatives have been brought together with devasting success on America, Americans and our entire culture, via the greatest Mass-Propoganda Medium ever invented and utilized on entire swaths of human kind,… the TV.

    Our Ministry Of Propagada (Main-Stream-Media) is nothing more than an extension of the very indivduals, organizations and corporations that should be exposed for its outright deception and abuse, but like any morally repugnant cabal of pyschos, part of the Manchurian Programing instills the notion that the pyschos are NOT lying to you, that they are NOT brainwashing you,.. therefore you do NOT need to question them,…. and so on.

    In other words, part of the Brainwashed-Masses programing is to designed to PROTECT the very mechanism and perpetrators who are committing the brainwashing,…. its brilliant!,.. as it is clear,… it works!

    How to break this cycle is a whole other topic of discussion,.. but there are ways to null these conditioning dialectics,.. after all, most of the people reading my very posting here have pretty much broken free,… but it does require a carefully crafted strategy due to the shear enormity of the undertaking, and the extended period of time they have been successfully employing these mind altering techniques,.. but it can be done.

    So,.. in closing Mr. Shivley,… all though I would love to call your article a simple rant,.. it is unfortunately not. It is a good measure of the disgust the awaken should feel toward the unwashed masses of the willingly brainwashed.

    Perhaps you might consider writing an article that exposes the very fundamentals of brainwashing that I outlined above, as the first step to destroying the illusion, is explaning how it is being done.

    Thank you Mr .Shivley.

    JD – US Marines – Fighting To Wake Comatose Americans Up To Their Own Enslavement.

  7. What’s wrong with collecting the money you earned? SSI and Disibility is money you earned, paid to the gubmint to “hold” for you (which Clinton stole to balance his budgets). You are demonizing people for claiming their OWN MONIES! Now that is truly stupid.

  8. @ Rampaging Manatee: That’s too easy. Just check Monsanto’s website periodically, or simply have them send you updates via e-mail. Ask me something hard.

  9. You know what is even funnier this 4th of July is that Washington D.C., the supposed “strongest capital of the free world” and our nation with such “high security”, has no power until Friday due to a mere thunderstorm.

    HAHAHAHAAHA!!!! Yea, so strong and Independent we are.

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Rahm Emmanuel

    Hmmm…..Now where are those “supposed” domestic terrorists at a time like this??? Yep, they must be around here somewhere……… DAMMIT, these people were unprepared just like the Obama shooter incident a few months ago!!!

    You’d think with all of those domestic terrorists and foreign terrorists in our country, Washington D.C. would be taken over and in ruins by now. Hmm… strange.

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