The Propaganda Machine is Falling Apart Before our Very Eyes

We have been reporting for the past few days on the pathetic attempt by the propagandists to sell us on a reality wherein there is going to be an election and the people are going to come out to vote for either Obama’s vision or Romney’s.  And as we have said, the propaganda is failing.  Already the propagandists are trying to do damage control in lowering expectations for voter turnout.

CNN has put out a poll showing that 61% of Democrats are thinking about the election and 74% of Republicans are.  This poll in its essence highlights the desperation.  61% or 74% looks like a big number unless you consider that it is a percentage as in 74% of 100 is 74 people.

Both the Republican and Democrat bases are destroyed as we are in a depression.

On CNN’s Cafferty Files, Cafferty said that voter interest just doesn’t seem to be there and that the turnout for the polls in 2012 is likely to be lower than in 2004 and 2008, again because people just aren’t interested in politics.

There are 100 million unemployed or underemployed, 50 million living in deep poverty, and nobody’s interested in the elections.  Bullshit.  We the people are tuned in to the political process like we have never been in the past.  The voter turnout will be very low as we the people are being offered no choice.  Robama light or Robama dark, either one is the same cocktail of poisons.

We have been disenfranchised and by God we know it.  In fact the greatest insult is that we taxpayers are paying for this sham.

Come on, international corporate mafia, step up and declare yourselves to the world and let’s get this shooting war underway.  I will make this clear for you.  The voter fraud committed in the GOP primaries and caucuses was blatant as it had to be.

When a crowd of thousands of Ron Paul supporters goes into a building to vote and Ron Paul only gets 500 votes that is not something you can hide.  When you are physically beating the Ron Paul delegates, this is not something you can hide.  When you come out and refuse to seat the duly elected Ron Paul delegates, that is not something you can hide.

When only 18% of the population, consisting of the neo-con national socialists and the soviet socialists turnout for the general election, there is no way you are going to be able to hide it.  And when you actually go through with it and try to seat your dictator with the consent of only 18% of the people, your fate will be sealed.

This lie cannot be maintained and, my fellow Americans, you have to realize it by now.  The international elite, having failed via manipulation and deception, will now turn toward strong arm violence to maintain control.

Again I tell you, if you do not have a gun and ammunition, you had better get them.  If you do not have food stores, you had better get them.  I truly believe this cannot be stopped now.  It is indeed a dark day but we cannot waver.  We must fight like savages right out the gate and be merciless toward these lowdown dirty rat bastards that want to reduce us to slaves.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail

23 thoughts on “The Propaganda Machine is Falling Apart Before our Very Eyes

  1. The electronic voting machines will make damn sure “The Big Club” gets their nominee in the Whitehouse,because both of them is picked by The Big Club.George Carlin told us about the The Big Club,and “we ain’t in it”.I think George Carlin was on to something,and he tried to warn us about what’s happening to this country.This vicious group of people has been running things for at least a 100 years or more,and they have totally destroyed this country and the world.Our last best hope is the gun owners of America.If we allow them to disarm us,we become nothing more than slaves to their system.

  2. I believe that all of this ,the distractions, all of them is nothing more than white wash on a fence.Moves to keep us from seeing what the true plan is.I think someday we will wake up to find something has happened that is so out of the blue ,so unbelievable ,so far out in left field we will be left dumbfounded.It’s going to be so unbelievable it would be as if we woke up to find aliens have landed.I wish i could see what it is they have planned but there is to much distraction and diversion.Stay ready cause it’s comming real soon.Sounds like i’ve gone off the deep end with this rambling but i’ve had this gut feeling for over a year that we’re instore for something we’ll never expect.

  3. “Our last best hope is the gun owners of America.If we allow them to disarm us,we become nothing more than slaves to their system.”

    E. Mac: I hate to disillusion you buddy, but their agenda is to kill around 90% of us, give or take a percentage point or two.

    I can pretty much guarantee you that any of us that post on sites such as this will NOT be in the 10% they will keep alive as slaves!

  4. Agree it is probably going to be a fight. The prize that the elite enjoy namely the ownership of the entire banking system based on paper issued fraud with usury is beyond comprehension. When you consider that each year they usurp $1.5 trillion in usury on the national debt from the hands of hardworking taxpayers in America alone. Add the other scams used to reward their banking fraud with massive bonus pools et. While all is against the constitution and against the laws of the land they could care even less. The control by these evil vermin of all branches of Government and the media ensures that they remain unthreatened by man kind.

    This Republican Party arrogance of an election process has shown the rats true zionist colors and their mode of working. 24/7 they never rest, always the next conflict the next false flag to divide us.

    The occult zionist symbols at the Olympics were completely in your face as is the hated zionist occult symbol of the Israeli flag. The militarism of the event showed their in your face arrogance. They are international and have existed for several millennia, they are the 0.01% and they are pure evil.

    Control, Conspiracy and Conflict are the tools of the powerful elite. Do not give in to conspiracy cowardice as they have brainwashed the majority for fear of being called anti semite, anti christ, anti establishment. Healthy skepticism is a better phrase to use and it also frees people to discuss your observations and their fears.

    Can we win, only with the internet, with knowledge and with the return to the constitution. Can Ron Paul be elected? only with immense popularity and a show of immense force where the people show up and demand their constitutional rights to their money to be backed by wealth only and to the repeal of the thousands of fascist laws passed by the corrupted politicians if we are to prevent the assassination of Dr Paul and his family and the use of FEMA camps and martial law against the people that care for their freedom.

    A show of strength, a single determination and the peoples backing are necessary to bring the rule of law and liberty back. It is not going to be easy and it could get very messy as the fight is against all the branches of Government and the media and all of them are under their all seeing eye control 24/7 they never let up.

  5. HANG ‘EM ALL… HANG ‘EM HIGH I wouldnt kill off the paycheck players (jamie dimon etc…) that work for these scum I would instead make them eat all the fiat cash I could, sterelize them and then brand them with a mark on their foreheads and decree that anyone with that mark is not to be killed but neither are they to be helped in any way. take away their shoes and make the wander the earth until their feet bleed and they keel over from hunger.

  6. “On CNN’s Cafferty Files, Cafferty said that voter interest just doesn’t seem to be there and that the turnout for the polls in 2012 is likely to be lower than in 2004 and 2008, again because people just aren’t interested in politics.”


    Wow. OMG! That is the most ridiculous bullshit I have seen yet by the MSM. Even more ridiculous than the MSM saying it is good that we have the military protecting us on the streets.

    @Redhorse, I agree with you. You are not alone in your analysis. Too much is coming out and we all know that “All warfare is based on Deception”, So this may all be a great big deception or diversion for something bigger to come. Like an environmental or nuclear disaster on an apocalyptic scale that no one is to know about but the government who will be hiding underground somewhere and watching it happen while the rest of the planet is eliminated. Scary thought but I wouldn’t put it passed them.

      1. Oh come on, #1. My favorite comedians are Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Yahoo news team, Holly Bailey, Rachel Hartman and Chris Moody (sometimes I wonder if the Yahoo news team are even real people and not some false reporters using their images and false names because the way they write, I just think no one can be that stupid unless they are pure government controlled with a gun pointed at their heads)

        By the way, check this out. Chelsea Clinton is thinking of running for office. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!–abc-news-politics.html

          1. I don’t know, but she gives everyone that scary, roll my eyes until you see the white of my eyes, demon look that her mom gives everyone. It makes me think twice, maybe three times before I accept her for anything. Even as a one night stand. lol

          2. Did she have some plastic surgery done? Seems to me she was a whole lot uglier when she was younger.

            She actually didn’t look half-bad in that photo.

            NOT that I’d consider it anyway. lol

          3. Yea right, it’s like the “Crying Game” meets the “Wicked Witch of the West”. She’s butt ugly now just like she was butt ugly back then. I see her following her mother’s footsteps in being the next Grand Dame Mother of Darkness. She’s got the same stench about her. Not that I ever had a chance to smell either one of them in person. Not that I would either, but that’s besides the point. lol

          4. I took a second look at it. You’re right, but there did seem to be a slight improvement over years ago.

            But considering what moms looks like now, NO WAY, NO HOW!!!

        1. NC & #1 NWO Hatr,
          I’m surprised you two didn’t use “Coyote Ugly” or “Double Bagger” in that thread. LOL

          1. Naw, “butt ugly” is pretty compared to “coyote ugly.” (so ugly you chew your arm off not to wake her the morning after)

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