The Reason Why the Gun Control Crowd are Very Loud is Because They are Very Weak

The Lone Star Watchdog – by The Watchdog

The debate of gun control is a psi-op because they want to trick us into voluntarily disarming ourselves over the reason of dead children in Newtown Ct. They will call gun owners racist, members of the Klu Klux Klan. They are trying to designate people who want guns for self-protection mentally ill. They try to pull out of thin air new mental illnesses of people questioning illegal authority being mentally ill, unfit to own a gun with no due process. They are pulling out all stops to disarm us by deception and propaganda.

There will be TV shows where white people with a gun are racist trying to sell the idea we need to give up our guns. If we don’t, then we are racist. They have cop shows in the past where police based in New York and Chicago where guns are illegal are trying to sell the idea that possessing firearms is against the law everywhere. They had shows in the past trying to make the BATF in more of a positive light after the WACO siege. They are trying to demonize the militias in the series Revolution which is not working. NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles try to sell the Patriot Act as a necessary evil denying the accused a lawyer and use the NDAA threatening to put suspect on a plane to Gitmo.

These TV shows try to put tyrannical laws as a needed evil to go after those evil terrorists. Just realize it is all scripted by the Federal government to psychologically prepare us for tyranny. Remember the recent season opening series of NCIS was their building bombed by a White man who son was killed in Iraq, not evil Muslims. Were the Propagandists trying to demonize the anti war movement using a grieving father who lost his son getting revenge against the US Navy?

Now since Sandy Hook, they are screaming very loud thinking we will bow down to them and turn in our weapons. The social engineers have failed. Gun sales are going through the roof and ammunition is in severe shortage. The gun grabbers and the globalist backers know they are losing the confidence of the people. They all face going to jail when the economy and the dollar collapses. Thanks to citizen journalists with the internet as the vehicle, we are able to reach millions of people at home and abroad and have shifted the paradigm that does not work in favor of the authoritarians.

The reason the gun grabbers are loud because they are weak. They do not have the numbers to carry it out by force. They are trying to trick us into surrendering our right to keep and bear arms because children were killed with a semi automatic rifle or handgun. Nobody watches the major news networks anymore. They are talking to themselves with a small audience.

The rhetoric from the anti gun crowd is not confident, but desperate. They have no credibility or moral high ground. We have nothing to lose. Sheriffs and Police Chiefs are coming forward saying no disarming in their jurisdiction. Many in the military say they will not disarm the American people. Humanity is on the verge of breaking free from the Global banking cartel who wants us disarmed before they loot what is left. We will win, so do not lose heart.

Good men and woman have bypassed the controlled media with DVDs, publications for years planting seeds in the minds of millions. We are waking up the Police and military. Our efforts are paying off more than we think.

These patriots endured when persecuted and ridiculed trying to educate the people around them. Some have endured financial hardships, jail and being locked up in a mental institution to silence them. Many have been murdered in prison and been murdered on the side of the road. They sacrificed so much and it is a shame many of those who were killed to advance the cause of freedom are not here to see the fruits of their labor.

The gun grabbers are scared. The seeds planted for years are starting to bear fruit. The louder they scream is like a poker player trying to bluff the others whistling really loud when he nothing in his hand, trying to get the other to fold. A sign of weakness, it is just the same as bluffing us into turning in our guns when they have no way to enforce with raw power using force. Do you agree?

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