3 thoughts on “The Secrets of Police Searches – Your right to say no

  1. Wow. What a joke.This guy is preaching as though we have any rights or if we had a lawful government, which we clearly do not.

    Sorry, but this didn’t work for Officer Cox of the Round Rock police department, who clearly admitted to me that he follows the Texas State Law and not the Constitutional law and Bill of Rights, and in which I was arrested and extorted for $2000 because I exercised my 4th Article Right and refused to have him search my car without a warrant and in which he had no probable cause to do so. Therefore, the infamous, “Interfering with a public servant” card came into play. Also, if that didn’t work, they have the infamous, “Obstructing of Justice”, “Disobeying a police officer”, “Delaying a police officer”, “Verbally assaulting a police officer” or even “Harassing a police officer” all come out of the officer’s mouths and if you still don’t listen to them, they cowardly call for back-up and get their bald-headed friends to assist them because they are too-much of an immature coward to handle things man-to-man in a “CIVIL” way like a REAL MATURE adult or a REAL MATURE public servant would.

    (Of course we all know that REAL police officers no longer exist anymore)

    So, I’m sorry, but this whole video is bullshit! Take my advice and ignore it. We have no law anymore because we have no government to enforce it.

  2. Untill they see you reach for that cigarette or that cell phone of big mack because that just may be a guns or hidden weappon in that so called food and they will probobly find one – imagine that. 🙁

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