17 thoughts on “The Shocking Reason Gun Rights Don’t Matter

  1. Makes me want to go to Chicago and kick Lee Camp into a pile of dog squat.
    Then shake his hand for the issues he does address.
    Somehow I feel conflicted.

  2. This is EXACTLY what I was trying to say weeks ago when I made the comment about how “Hey, as long as they don’t come for your guns, anything goes. Right?”

    I’m afraid that at this point our guns are just expensive paperweights. I know I’ll get dogpiled again for being a ‘defeatist’ – but hey guys, I’m just calling it like I see it.

    They aren’t going to stop, and Americans aren’t going to do anything. If the inverse is true, I’ve yet to see signs of it.

    Thank God this guy punches hard with (what the kids call) “real talk.”

    1. Hey defeatist,Open your eyes or have you not noticed how they pick on the weak woman kids crippled vets in wheelchairs,they aint got the balls to try that crap with a real honest to god MAN its alway the weak defenseless sheep who get slaughtered.

      1. You can get mad at me if it makes you feel better, but that doesn’t do anything to change the actual reality of the situation. If you need further clarification, watch the video again. If you’re still mad, go clean your expensive paperweights one more time.

        Dreaming of the day when they finally go too far is a moot point. They’ve already gone too far, years ago. If Americans had the gumption to act, it would have happened by now. What, everyone is waiting until the literal boot is on the literal neck? lol

      2. I found this listed under Pro Gun Rights. At the end of the video, he says: “…and if you come to the show, don’t shoot me… and… keep fighting.”
        It’s a piece that’s meant to incite, make people think, and discuss.
        The hard part, for some of us (me included), is making it all the way through to the end of the video. LOL

        1. To wit, my discussion point is only that the guy in the video is right. What good are your guns when all your freedoms are gone?

          Mr. Apple, above, talks about how “they” pick on the “weak.” And how “they” wouldn’t try that with a MAN. So, essentially, he’s okay with what’s going on, just as long as “they” direct their violence at those least able to defend themselves. Does anyone else have a problem with what Mr. Apple is implying? So Steve Apple, a MAN, is willing to stand idly by while “they” perform this type of injustice on his weaker fellow Americans?

          Oh, the irony. That’s what’s wrong. For the love of God, please tell me some of you “get it.”

          1. The bottom line is: are you willing to let them rape and murder your wife, or girlfriend, or children, and then let them put a .40 cal to the back of your head, with no resistance?

            OR are you going to do the best that you can to protect them, and take as many of those Satanic, Zionist communist sub-human trash with you as you possibly can? And just maybe survive in the process?

            I have a serious problem with ANY POS trying to kill me if for no other reason than that they think they’re better than me, and they think they have the right to do so.

            Personally, I’m not going to acquiesce to their tyranny, or make their agenda any easier for them by NOT fighting back.

            Capitulation is NOT an option.

          2. HUH,what the fuk are you RAMBLING ON ABOUT.Im no fukn mister anything you convoluted talking head.I have fought against injustice my whole life WITH NO HELP FROM ANY,unlike whiney excuse givers like yourself.Dont put words in my mouth ,you go on like some nagging fkn housewife with imaginary insecurities,you want to be a whiney ass defeatist so be it us MEN will defend our homes and our other charges. I hope this has been crystal for you.

          3. @ # 1 NWO Hatr:

            Hopefully no one here is willing to let anyone rape and murder their wives, girlfriends, etc.

            Rather, the salient point as I see it was put forth quite nicely in the video.

            At some point, if Americans want this unwavering march from our enemies to stop, we will have to do something to stop it. It must be done before, before, and before it is on our doorstep. By then, it is too late. You know this.

            Again, whatever line there may have been was crossed long ago. In more ways than not, we’ve already acquiesced – if not individually then collectively. It’s sad, and I hate it, but it is the truth. Your own doorstep isn’t the right line. Your neighbor’s doorstep is the line.

          4. I absolutely agree the line was crossed long ago. It’s tough waiting for the other shoe to drop.

            But I do know this:

            Since they are pushing so hard with the FFs, they obviously don’t wish to appear to the general public (sheeple) to be the aggressors. They can ill afford to have the ENTIRE population of this country after them. That’s why I believe they will go to great lengths to avoid just that.

            And I also know this:

            The sheeple are waking up at an exponential rate in this country, and the more that do, the better the odds.

            Unfortunately, they’ve blown so many FFs in just the last year alone, I’m thinking the next one may be their showstopper (yes).

            Like the Terminator, they will not stop.


            Neither must we.

  3. SCV Tennesseean,
    This is a f#@king act. The script for the dialogue would have no doubt taken months and months to research, days to write, and don’t forget the time to rehearse. It is like learning a song and singing it. A good actor can instill emotion and that is what this fellow is, an actor. This isn’t a spontaneous rant. It is scripted dogma to create a very narrow view.
    We are at about the same point as our founders were in 1775. They too had suffered abuse beyond imagination yet had not surrendered their guns. And when they finally had enough, they used them to run their oppressors out of this country.
    This is an actor putting forth a piece of acting designed to create doubt in our minds. It is sanctioned propaganda and he would not be getting paid by the Jew controlled entertainment industry to perform if this were not so. If he were a true patriot trying to get out the message of both the problem and the obvious solution and rally the people, he would have the same access we have.
    Think about it, this guy is just another bullshit propagandist in the employ of the Jews.

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