4 thoughts on “The Shot Heard Round The World.

    1. This isn’t a f-king religious war. It is not being fought for a theocracy. It is being fought for the liberty and freedom to believe or not to believe. It is called free choice.
      This is a son of a bitch who can’t put his personal religious beliefs aside and fight to enforce the law that assures his right to his personal interpretation.
      I will fight to enforce the law and I’ll fight anyone who tries to replace the Bill of Rights with a theocracy, because that is treason.
      We enforce the law and we have individual freedom and liberty. We make this war a fight between God and the devil and I see the right of the individual to think and to interpret reality as an individual under attack, and by God I will defend it. So this Judeo-Christian can know right now the Bill of Rights does not allow for a theocracy and you try to force one and you will be crushed through the enforcement of the law.
      Believe as you want to believe, mind your own business, and stay the f-k out of mine, or I’ll f-king dust you.

  1. I’ll always choose to fight
    Because only cowards surrender
    So… if it’s war they want
    Well than ,I’ll fcken give it to them

  2. Henry, this makes me think about the difference between what the religious figures did, hundreds or thousands of years ago to change the world, and more recently, what the people who won their freedom at Lexington and Concord did to change the world. They all gave us certain laws, but without the law given to the People on December 15, 1791, there would never have been the kind of freedom, liberty and the means by which to exercise it, that is embodied in the American Bill of Rights. I am convinced that without the accomplishments of the true American Founding Fathers and all who put their freedom above their lives, many giving the ultimate sacrifice, the freedom I enjoyed growing up, even in Canada, may never have happened! It truly is well worth defending and upholding with our lives. I feel like it doesn’t matter which country you live in. It truly is the supreme law of the People, because it enshrines our birth right and all of the most important elements of what living as a proper human being is about. We are free to be as religious as we like, or not religious at all, under the law that makes it possible. As I have heard you say countless times, “the law belongs to us. We just need to enforce it.”

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