The Smart Printer

The other day I was picking up some paper from the office supply store and there was this blonde woman over at the color printing machines complaining under her breath.  As she was looking around for the clerk to help her out, I moseyed over to where she was and asked her if there might be something I can do.  “Well” she explained, “every time I push the print button, my picture comes out looking like George W. Bush”.  “From the sounds of it” I asked, “it’s safe to say that’s not the picture on the scanner in the the machine”?   “NO” she snapped, “it’s a picture of President Obama and the guy at the counter said this was the best machine for what I wanted to do and of course he is nowhere around to help”.    

“Okay, okay” as I put my hands up in defense, “did you check so see if the paper is correct”?,

“It’s special photograph paper that I put in there myself” she answered, “so I know it’s not that”.

As we both stood there trying to figure out what might be happening, the clerk came out of the back room and she yelled over to the him, “THIS PRINTER YOU SAID WAS THE BEST IS A PIECE OF CRAP” she argued, “EVERY TIME I TRY PRINTING THIS PICTURE OF PRESIDENT OBAMA, IT COMES OUT LOOKING LIKE GEORGE W. BUSH“!

“That is the best machine”, he answered with conviction,  “it’s from the makers of the Smart meters, Smart TV’s, Smart phones and Smart appliances”.  “So what does that have to do printing Obama’s picture”?  She asked.  “Well I’ll put it to you this way” acting serious now,  “if you tell the energy company that you were charged to much for electricity, they would pull up your account and read the kilowatts that the Smart meter registered and they would know if you were lying or not“.  “Yeah” she continued listening.  “You may think your printing a picture of President Obama”he went on “but that machine is telling you it’s a lie”!  

As it started to sink in, she began biting the outside corner of her bottom lip.  “I KNEW IT” screaming aloud, “SO BUSH HAS BEEN WEARING A MASK THIS WHOLE TIME, HUH”?

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