The Soviet Insurgency makes it through the Election

The die is cast.  It will be four more years of a push into communism.  Not that it really mattered which socialist was given the keys to the country.  This election was 110% fraud.  Had it been otherwise we would be looking at a President Ron Paul and a chance to save our country through peaceable means.

According to the propaganda, over 115 million people went out and voted.  That is just for Romney and Obama.  So do you believe these numbers that indicate that each household only has two children, and that is if nobody voted for any of the third party candidates or wrote Ron Paul in?

At any rate, it would seem that not only has the status quo been preserved, but Americans are decisively divided into two camps.  Just right for a civil war that will be for all the wrong reasons.  Why?  Because our people are lost.  The idea of individual freedom and liberty has become inconceivable to a population that now believes that all they have are privileges granted to them by an elite class.

I do not believe the numbers and am quite confident that there are 40 million of us out here, heavily armed that make up the most powerful faction in the world.  We are the American nationals of the American race.  We are the leaderless resistance.  We are an army of individuals.  And we are more dangerous to the socialist insurgency now than we have ever been; as our enemies know that all that is needed is for us to take the upper hand and our numbers will quadruple overnight.

This being said, Obama staying in place may have been the best we could hope for under present conditions.  No one will drop their guard and the morons who voted for Romney because they were so desperate to free themselves from Obama, might just start preparing for the inevitable in realizing that a restitution of the Republic, no matter how dangerous and difficult, is the only alternative to full blown communism in the United States.

Things are going to get very interesting as there is nothing to stand in the way of Obama and his Zionist masters.  The Congress and Senate remain unchanged, which means unequivocally the only legislation that will be passed is that put forth by Zion.

The dollar will collapse.  It is a mathematical certainty.  It is not only a world currency, but is the world currency.  With its collapse will come a world economic collapse, followed by a world famine, right in the middle of a third world war.  In the midst of this total world chaos the illuminati will attempt to usher in their one world government under the guise of bringing order from the chaos they have created.

The only thing that stands between them and their success is a ragtag band of 40 million US patriots.  Well it is not the first time we have found ourselves in this situation.  American nationals, arm and prepare to fight, not only for the Republic, but to stave off the enslavement of the planet.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

18 thoughts on “The Soviet Insurgency makes it through the Election

  1. I feel sick to my stomach today. The same old same old got recycled back into the system. I am an ass to think it would have been any different. I had just a smidgeon of hope that ppl would once and for all wake up. Sigh!

    What a sad day in America.

    1. Yeah nothing truly changes and the status quo is maintained.

      Wasn’t surprised when he won as romney was basically the new mccain and was brought up to be so awful that everybody would run to obama like they did before. Family tries to bother me with that election bs but I told them I just don’t freaking care.
      Sides the internet would spoil me quick enough.

    2. Unfortunately, many are so entrenched in their belief system that if they were to finally wake up, it will be to a nightmare so monstrous that they’d be unable to cope without the ‘help’ of Big Pharma.

      1. Yea, that’s what I’ve been thinking these past couple of months, too. It has to be shown to them gradually. If you just throw it all at them, it will either blow up their heads and they will be in shock or they will still think you are crazy and continue to live in denial all at once. The problem is that we are at the point where time is not on our side and a gradual change is or will mostly likely be too late. The question is how to we compensate for the time while still keeping them awake? Give them more water? lol

  2. I’m glad the sheeple feel sick. Hope they friggin’ blow their breakfast all over their keyboards. Hope in one hand & sh!t in the other; see which one gets full first.

    Henry, I slightly disagree with:

    quote: “the morons who voted for Romney because they were so desperate to free themselves from Obama, might just start preparing for the inevitable in realizing that a restitution of the Republic,no matter how dangerous and difficult, is the only alternative to full blown communism in the United States.”

    These same ones are the frantic graspers. They’ll drag a fella under just to save themselves. They were warned. I have zero sympathy for them. A life ring was thrown to them long ago & they pushed it away.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    America’s Epitaph Has Just Been Officially Announced:

    America: RIP July 4, 1776 – September 11, 2001


    America: RIP July 4, 1776 – November 6, 2012

    ….Either one works.

    JD – US Marines – Goodbye America,.. you were a swell lady,… you will be missed.

    1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny ….

      My father served 20 years in the USMC. He’s rolling over in his grave right about now. How can a “coup” like this happen to our America? When will the military march on Washington and arrest these pieces O’shizen? Or the pitch fork brigade for that matter?

      For what it’s worth, I salute you and thank you for serving America.

      1. They serve and by serving they give the elite the confidence that they need to actualy believe that they are doing the right thing. And that is why the F**K`IN elite thinks they have got the go ahead to do what they do. THINK ABOUT IT.

    1. Good for you, Cathleen. You took it on the chin and came back….wiser I hope. Let it be peace and we will just consider you a work in progress. And watch out for those GMOs. LOL

      1. Wiser? Mmmm … I have a few “wise” cards up my sleeve. 😉

        I’ve been real diligent about watching those GMO labels, but will have to be even more so now. Seems the corporations that want us dead may ramp up their game now that we are on to them.

        1. Do not ever trust those corporations, cathleen! They alwats have a card up their sleive to use against us all. By voting only gives those bastards confidence that those that vote actualy agree with them jokers – yea they actually think that way cathleen – they are a whole different class and we all are not even considered. Yea cathleen – THEY STILL THINK WE ARE GOY`S. You voted for them punks, are you gonna support them F.s now?

    1. Yes…now the Repugs are blaming us that didn’t vote for their failure. I’ll lose a lot of sleep over that accusation.

      1. Why loose sleep if you do not support /believe in what they preach? I do not believe in the Fu*kers one bit so why should any one else if they do not believe in their propaganda. Us real people believe what we do , and them bottom feeders believe in what they do. Nothing to debate or argue on thta one is there?

        1. Sarcasm there. I won’t lose a wink. I can care less about accusations.

          I didn’t participate in the Satanic Ritual, so it’s like water off a duck’s azz to me.

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