5 thoughts on “The Still Unsolved Mystery of the Eugene Signal

  1. Thank MaryTX
    very telling

    strange today for me , and for this story to come up here , On my way into work I noticed a new HUGE cell tower that just went up out in the middle of nowhere , taller and bigger than i usually see around in my AO

    and interesting the comments on the tinnitus issue some are experiencing as i’ve had this ringing in my ears for quite some time and also attributed it to working in loud places, playing guitar , and riding motorcycles and my hobby of building fast cars (loud)
    so its hard for me to count this all out ..but the ringing in my ears isnt getting better , or staying he same, its constant now and i’ve done a lot to combat it by wearing hearing protection since my 30’s …kinda makes me wonder

    1. Have you ever noticed how the tone changes, or sometimes one side gets louder? The most significant changes seem to occur while driving. I don’t have the radio on, don’t have an ipod jack, so I drive quiet and can hear all those frequency modulations. Every once in a while, I’ll get one that actually hurts, but it is only for a second or two.
      This shit’s been going on since my twenties, and I’m 61 with good hearing.
      I really wonder if true silence will make me puke.

      1. Yes

        And I have been in a very quiet area before , and the ringing seems worse

        Didn’t puke , but it seems to engulf your ability to hear soft voices or faint sounds

        Fking erritating sometimes

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