16 thoughts on “The Swamp – It’s All Connected

  1. Quite a list. I see that it was published at Millennium Report and at Reddit. Seems one little word was left out.

    Sometimes the omission of one little word is glaring.


    1. YEP, galen. vatican, freemasonry, papalcy, etc, etc.


      Every last one of those groups listed have THEM behind them and their creation and control.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better, Martist. And that final link between all of them that no one wants to make is all-important to seeing the big picture, and ending the confusion.

        It’s like a missing puzzle piece that no one wants to find, so they keep dancing around the truth, and only keep people confused and overwhelmed.

  2. Getting so much harder to fool us. And this Little Steven song comes to mind:

    LInk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlAlW1xkUX4

    Lyrics: I AM A PATRIOT

    And the river opens for the righteous, someday

    I was walking with my brother
    And he wondered what’s on my mind
    I said what I believe in my soul
    Ain’t what I see with my eyes
    And we can’t turn our backs this time

    I am a patriot, and I love my country
    Because my country is all I know
    I want to be with my family,
    the people who understand me
    I’ve got nowhere else to go

    And the river opens for the righteous
    And the river opens for the righteous
    And the river opens for the righteous… someday

    And I was talking with my sister
    She looked so fine
    I said, “Baby, what’s on your mind?”
    She said, “I want to run like the lion
    Released from the cages
    Released from the rages
    Burning in my heart tonight”

    And I ain’t no communist
    And I ain’t no capitalist
    And I ain’t no socialist
    And I ain’t no imperialist
    And I ain’t no democrat
    And I ain’t no republican
    I only know one party
    And it’s name is freedom
    I am, I am, I am…

    I am a patriot, and I love my country


    1. Any paranormal activity yet..?

      Any Strange Dreams.?

      Lights turning off/on…

      Pictures tilting…

      Electronic devices…acting…well ..abnormally.

      Just sending you a message…

      I’m ok…

      Hang in there….

      1. Ahh, the desert,
        it plays on the psyche
        like wind on the window,
        making woo-woo sounds

        Inviting in night
        it breathes relief
        and looks for minds
        to meander through

        All its inhabitants
        have one thing in common
        one shared reality
        one certain circumstance

        And it is really only this:
        the desert is just the place they live


  3. I have come to the conclusion.

    That I am a wise man.

    But even greater than that.

    I am also a greater fool.

    Somewhere in the middle I find balance.

    At least I try to….

    Yes it is very quiet. ..lonely yet peaceful here.

    I can’t really say with buyers remorse that I miss people…

    I just don’t miss the stupid people.

    All…I have to do is go into town every couple of weeks…. and that’s enough for me to justify my punishment.

    Believe it or not.

    I really do deserve this.

    1. I think many here can claim a similar circumstance/predicament/blessing. I just am glad you’re here.

      I just am glad we’re here.


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