The Syrian Refugees Sold As Sex Slaves

Published on Jun 3, 2013 by Journeyman Pictures

Syria’s Sex Slaves (2013): Vulnerable Syrian women fleeing to Zaatari have found trafficking, kidnapping, forced marriages and nowhere else to run.

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Camp Zaatari, a tent city in the Jordanian desert, now houses 100,000 refugees. Vulnerable Syrian women fleeing to Zaatari have found trafficking, kidnapping, forced marriages and nowhere else to run.

“The Jordanian guys harass Syrian girls even at the age of 6 and 7.” The woman points to a young girl of only 5 or 6 and says, “They’ll even harass a young girl like her.” The girl smiles a shy, bleak smile. Wealthy Arab men also come here to buy young Syrian brides. The Sheikh who runs the mosque in the camp explains why: “the dowries in the Gulf countries are very high, but to marry a Syrian woman is really cheap”. In a bizarre contradiction, sexual violence is prompting families to marry off their daughters as young as possible, in a bid to pre-empt rape and sexual attacks. Matchmakers and brokers are cynically infiltrating the camp by posing as aid workers in search of Syrian brides who fall victim to so-called “pleasure marriages”. One 28 year-old housewife from Homs who is effectively “pimping” out young Syrian girls for sex, gives us a price-list for anything from a cup of tea to a “pleasure marriage”: “If he wants to get married it’s $1400”. This startling expose sheds a stark light on the forgotten plight of the women and girls of the Syrian civil war.

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5 thoughts on “The Syrian Refugees Sold As Sex Slaves

  1. Actually when I saw this a day or so ago the title said ” Compliments of Isreal and Obama: ” and then it had the title as is above. they changed that title in just the last day or so. They must not have liked Isreal and Obamas name being associated with 6 – 7 year old girls being sold as sex slaves. That is what they are about though – obama and isreal that is. Scum bags they are

    1. Add the Saudis, particularly the Wahabis, to the scumbag category, some of the nastiest people (using the term “people” very loosely) I have ever had the misfortune to meet.

  2. Very sad to see. Definitely compliments of Israel and Obama. Just another way of Israel trying to destroy any purity in races. Now they are trying to destroy the Syrian heritage. The sick, Zionist, demonic bastards! They will pay soon enough.

    Funny how the Saudis come in, since they are the ones helping Obama and Israel commit genocide by destroying any pure Syrian blood line or heritage. Can’t have future Syrians rise up against Israel in revenge if they are children of parents with different nationalities and don’t know where their loyalties lay. It also has nothing to do with the price of dowry. Saudis are rich. The bastards can definitely afford it. This is nothing short of genocide of the Syrian race.

    Great find, Digs. This is almost as important in these modern times as the Rape of Nanjing by the Japanese was during WWII. This is that kind of silent war that no one hears about until years later after it is all over. Now that we know, it must not be kept silent.

    1. Amen NC, look at the old testament, where original Israel was, true Israel, the Syrian people are descendants of the true Israelites. Satan needs them destroyed.

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