7 thoughts on “The Time Has Come…

  1. Take a hard look at Obummer; there’s nothing Presidential about this guy. He attempts to “Rule” instead of “Lead” the United States; much like a African Tribal Chief. That fact alone brings to question his birthplace. If any attempt to limit his powers utilizing the Constitution of the United States, he voids it with “Executive Orders”. It’s not like the U.S. hasn’t had its share of lame-duck Presidents, but this guy is bent on destroying America by any means necessary. Every policy & plan he’s enacted has met with increased expenditures, social/economic chaos & public outcry. The only way he was elected was with social handouts, bribery & questionable election results. Look even closer at WHO his Cabinet is, their backgrounds & their “contributors”. Nearly every one could not pass a honest background investigation for a “Confidential” clearance.

    Take note of the people surrounding his “Court”; they parrot his every word. Their actions in their particular Departments are even more astounding, verging on Treason. Benghazi-State Dept deaths, DHS ammo purchases to restrict/deny civilian ammo purchases and manufacture; the gutting of our Senior Military Leadership…..list goes on. Add to this a complaisant MSM that does nothing but produce media porn for the masses, the United States appears to be the weakest kid on the block. We used to Lead the World; we are now nothing but a wandering herd, moved along by rustlers. A little starving country (North Korea) threating us with a nuke; what in the world would even allow such a thought enter their minds? We have a WEAK President & Administration that pisses their panties at the slightest sound. That’s why. Those same weaklings have no problem doing a beat-down on their own citizens or robbing their hard earned wealth or infringing on their Constitutional Rights. That same citizenry (large percentage) has sold their birthright for “Security” and a bowl of beans.

    Good Luck & be safe America. Respects to those who deserve it, BentSpear…BT

    1. Yep, Brent, this country had lost its balls for awhile. However, I have a feeling with the way things are going now that WE THE PEOPLE will be having a major comeback real soon, as the elite seem to be shitting in their pants.


  2. It is not the president that rules a nation but it is the men that surrounds him, Foolish yes that most have forgotten the past, goyims don’t learn as it seems.

  3. Breaking Boston……get the word out to water town and surrounding areas. Residents on “lockdown” will be “evacuated” to FEMA camps for door to door search. Guns, cash, weapons and ammo will be gone. Preppers will be identified as potential “terrorists”, food rations seized. PETS WILL DIE due to length of owner absence, if ever permitted to leave FEMA camps. Advice: REFUSE TO “EVACUATE”
    In “shootout” how could one (dead) suspect have so many bullet wounds emergency care doc said unable to count number of gunshot wounds while other suspect escaped without a scratch?? Ya gotta ask yourself!

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