2 thoughts on “The Truthseeker: NATO’s ‘Gladio’ army in Ukraine

  1. Pure propaganda by the zionist, if any one takes the time to research the
    the Equilateral cross(swastika) you will find it was a good luck symbol used
    in the early 20th century here in the USA not hate and anti semitism as the jewish media would have us believe, but what else would you expect from
    the evil racist murdering lying steeling jews..

  2. Truthseeker seems to have gotten drunk on swill. Once again, it’s the poor oy boys and girls. Shhh, don’t even mention that the elected Ukraine government was usurped by jews and the majority of ethnics in Ukraine being devastated by the bankster jew coup and civil war are not jews. So they resurrect the old WWII Nazi bugaboo, rather than just calling the thugs and criminals, thugs and criminals. No mention, either, that United States has lost its sovereignty with an enemy force in occupation run by the banksters. Ugh. RT should change the emag’s name to The Truth Quasher.

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