The Two Bit Communist Twit, Melissa Harris-Perry, Wants You Disarmed

With the anniversary of the false flag production “Newtown – The Lie That Keeps On Taking”, the communists have launched another push to remove the 2nd Article from the people’s Bill of Rights, and MSNBC once again has transformed into an all day anti-2nd Article infomercial.

The dirty little mental midget, Melisa Harris-Perry, despite her obvious deficiencies, is now portraying herself as some sort of expert on the 2nd Article.  Showing herself as the blatant communist she is, Melissa hosted a panel of her fellow communists, assembled under the guise of debate, to push the communist “Disarm the Americans” seditious propaganda.   

These people fancy themselves as intellectual con women and men and believe, that in applying a few techniques learned in their socialist college psychology classes, they can sway the minds of those they consider to be beneath them in thinking.  Their communist techniques have become so blatantly identifiable on their face as to make them laughable, that is, if they did not represent wanton acts of sedition against our Republic.

Someone who talks real fast is trying to place select ideas while speeding past any argument.  You see the idea is by rattling off their rhetoric like an auctioneer, they can place the buzz words and slogans while racing past the arguments in opposition.

Listen up, Melissa Harris-Perry, you two bit race baiting seditious communist whore.  It is like this.  The 2nd Article, like the other articles contained within the people’s Bills of Rights, is unalienable and cannot be infringed upon to any degree, by any man, woman, or government.

Melissa tried to put forth the notion that local governments hold a special power to infringe upon our 2nd Article because they are closer to the people.

The 9th Article to the people’s Bill of Rights states:

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

You see the 2nd Article, as well as the rest of the Bill of Rights, is clearly defined in the Constitution, not as a government power, neither federal, state nor local, but rather as absolute power absolutely retained by we the people.  Our Bill of Rights was not presented as amendments to the Constitution as the new fraudulent versions portray them as.  They are indeed the first ten articles meant to restrain the government.

They are prohibitions that state in absolute terms that those serving in government do not have, or never have had, any authority to diminish or remove the people’s authority contained therein.  And in fact any effort at any level at any degree to do so is the definition of sedition and treason against we the people and our Republic.

It seems the government has come to fear we American nationals as an armed people.  If this were a constitutional government, executing its duties faithfully, its every action within the constraints of its limited power would have to be, by definition of the words, to bolster and further enshrine the people’s freedom and liberties as outlined in the Bill of Rights, as the first ten articles, as inserted into the Constitution.  And if at present we had a legitimate government, serving the people’s interests in freedom and liberty, they would want us to be armed to the teeth and be ready to enforce our rights as they would be us, of, for, and by us and our overwhelming strength would be theirs as our legitimate representatives.

However, they want us disarmed, as our strength in uniting under arms threatens their illegitimate attempts to exercise illegitimate control over us.  If my neighbor is my friend and would lend aid in protecting my property and my person, I would feel good about him being armed.  However, if I have been robbing him and abusing his family and want to continue to do so and to escalate my activities, I most certainly would prefer that he be disarmed and helpless against me.

This is the argument the two bit communist charlatan, Melissa Harris-Perry, would like to see made illegal by her communist cohorts because she knows that as long as the argument and our rights are there, she is nothing but a seditious traitor who has yet to be brought to justice, but who, in the end, absolutely will be.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “The Two Bit Communist Twit, Melissa Harris-Perry, Wants You Disarmed

    1. …No, really Henry….let us know how you feel….! Ha!

      I do not know the ratio’s of legally-armed, Constitutional believing Americans vs. these fascist pigs…but I would not want to be one of those people wearing blue FBI jackets….ATF…etc….when the people of this country decide they have had enough of this illegal, tyrannical unconstitutional behavior on the part of these illegal, unconstitutional, fascist pigs….they may have tactics, communications and logistics advantages in the beginning…but stop paying taxes…watch the dollar collapse and envision 150 million armed Americans legally going after Harry Reid…Di-Fi…James Clapper..General Alexander …the Bush Clan…The Clinton Crime Family…the Obama Traitors….

      …when the time comes…I cannot wait to see their convicted asses hanging by the neck…traitorous bastards that they are….


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  1. This commie nutjob is another fkn OREO spawned by a colored sperm donor to a white confused womens lib bimbo,nothing more than an american hating fool given a platform to spread devisive propaganda on the j-w tube. I charge you with sedition and await your trial conviction and short drop at the end of an american made hemp rope.
    What kind of man would allow his wife to refuse to take his name,only a mush minded ball less one I would say.
    I was gonna supply contact info for this agenda spouting bitch but hey why bother,might as well talk to a phone pole.her words and actions are documented and will be held against her.

  2. What a dripping from Satan’s left testicle this bitch is! That communist whore can come try to disarm American Nationals personally, a face that damn ugly is only good for target practice anyway. No deportation barge for that two bit tramp, it’s straight back to Hell for her!

  3. Awesome comments … Glad to see em.. keep it up guys… and if you can don’t forget to help support and donate to From The Trenches World

  4. I’ve been looking for target practice pictures. Doesn’t Perry realize that she will eventually be abandoned and essentially all alone to defend for her treasonous actions? Obama and his War Whores will continue to use this little tart until she is no longer needed, and then throw her to the wolves. Some people just don’t seem to think far enough ahead of their mouth on these volatile Constitutional issues.

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