The Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.7% – Is There any Lie too Outrageous to Assert?

146,000 jobs were added to the US economy in November.  The unemployment rate drops to 7.7%.  It is a fiscal boom.  BUUULLLSHIITT!  This is unreality.  All the economists were expecting the unemployment rate to rise above 8% and to see a massive effect thereon by Superstorm Sandy.  Apparently, it does not matter anymore if the lie is blatant on its face, so long as the $85 billion per month of QE 3 and QE 4 continues to be borrowed in the name of the American people and handed over to the banksters.

Fox News’ Phil Flynn, reporting from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange said and I quote, “I’ve got to go with what they give me, whether I believe it or not.”

1.6 million Americans filed new unemployment claims in November.  They are claiming 146,000 new jobs were created and the unemployment rate dropped.  If you believe this is possible in any sense of reality, you are beyond ignorant of the laws of math.  It is a fact that we need 350,000 new jobs per month just to keep up with Americans entering the labor force for the first time.

Of that 146,000 new jobs claim, how many of them consist of illegal aliens doing clean up and construction for minimum wage after Superstorm Sandy? Note: new hirings for September and October was adjusted down by 60,000.  Was this a deliberate lie or are they just not capable of making an accurate count?

Of those who are said to be employed, how many are people working out of their homes, not even making the equivalent of minimum wage?   How many worked a job for only one hour because this is all it takes to be counted as employed?   The US workforce was cut by 350,000 in November, with the assertion being that these people are no longer looking for work because their unemployment benefits have run out.

How long will the American people accept the workforce being cut in order to bring down the unemployment number?  Are we just going to accept 100 million of our brothers and sisters being removed from reality?  What, do we just give them all a glass of Jim Jones Kool-Aid and go forth with our economic boom?  When are we going to start refusing the lie, when our work force is reduced to a 100,000 with an employment rate of 100%?

No human being can escape reality.  Theft crimes are exploding in the United States and it is no longer just the junkies who are perpetrating them, but rather every day Americans with hungry children and no place to live.  Are we going to allow our workforce to be replaced by third world peasants flooding in by the scores every day?

The only saving grace is the fact that the dollar must crash and force reality upon all.  It is a certainty.  The fiat dollar is only being held up at this point by the borrowing of $85 billion per month, which as previously mentioned, is being GIVEN! to the bankers to bolster the numbers on the stock exchange.  This is economic treason that is going to result in the deaths of a multitude of Americans.  This is a wanton lie without any care as to the consequences.

If you do not have a gun, ammunition, and adequate supplies to sustain yourself, you had better get them because this balderdash cannot go on much longer.  It is false.  It is a lie and anyone who plans one second of their future based upon it is doomed.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “The Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.7% – Is There any Lie too Outrageous to Assert?

  1. Someone asked me the other day “Are we going into another recession?” I answered “Recession?!? HAHAHA! Are you really that uninformed and/or stupid?!? We’ve been in a DEPRESSION since 2007!!!”

  2. It pretty much goes like this. “Move along, nothing to see here. Coming up next, DANCING WITH THE STARS”!!! The economy is in the tank, has been for some time. Yet, people will break their own bank trying to get the latest and greatest China produced crud. What is the mentality of many Americans…? Black Friday…need I say more?

  3. People are so stupid that they’ll believe anything the government tells them. Yeah unemployment is dropping and our country is improving…. Suckers.

  4. My Fellow American:

    You have to love Mr. Shively’s insightful sarcasm, as it truly does express the sheer magnitude of stupidity that the “average”,.. propgandized American is infused with:

    “…when our work force is reduced to a 100,000 with an employment rate of 100%?”

    This is just an absolutely classic line! I couldn’t help but laugh at it, and them ponder its significance and truthfullness.

    For many Americans,… they are eating their daily dose of propaganda as readily, and williningly as they eat their GMO’s.

    Many Americans REFUSE to admit their is any substantial problem, just as they REFUSE to admit that we have an illegal alien in the White House that was PLACED there by Ocrapo’s Overlords, which include,.. but are not limited to: The Fed Reserve, The International Banksters, The CIA, The IMF, World Bank, BIS, and so on.

    For some undefinable portion of our mentally destroyed population,.. Mr. Shively is quite correct,.. if the BLS (Bullshit Labor Statistics) stated, “We have 100% employment!!!” (in very fine print, “for the 100,000 remaining jobs in this country…),… the average DAA (Dumb-Ass American) would eat it as readily as GMO popcorn slathered with GMO goop presented as “butter” at the latest over-priced, pop-icon, MK-Ultra, propaganda ladened movie spectacular!

    Perhaps we should start considering starting a fund for a new National Memorial,… for the Headstone of a dying country,.. this country.

    I would like to suggest Mr. Shivelys phrase as part of the epitaph:

    “HERE LIES LADY AMERICA – KILLED BY HER OWN STUPIUD CITIZENS,.. BUT!! – WITH 100% EMPLOYMENT!! (For the last 100,000 jobs in the country…)

    RIP America: July 4, 1776 – November 6, 2012

    JD – US Marines – Give My Regards To Broadway…..

    Note: The those lacking in historical perspective,.. or simply willfully ignorant,.. the phase, “Give my regards to broadway” (a George M. Cohen lyric used in a 1942 movie – Yankee Doodle Dandy) was sometimes actually used by WW2 pilots when they were going into a mission where they knew the chances of them coming back were,.. quite low. It was a message of defiance, courage and wit,.. much the same way the Spartans use to make quips just before going into battles with simply impossible odds of success for them,.. but yet they went to fight to not be enslaved.,.. eagerly.

  5. The frogs are being slowly brought to the boil and are slipping in and out of consciousness, they are unwilling to save themselves just because they do not want to know that the devil exists.

    Mythology has it that the devil has 666 names but all are the same scum.

    Lindsey Williams in his latest tapes affirms their plan to have 70% of the population completely dependent on the fascist corporate state. Also he confirms that they want several more years to achieve maximum debt/austerity/misery/desperation so that people will literally beg for their new world order.

    Hopefully we can all keep pounding out the message on these scum during this time, gamblers deep down in their smugness always want to lose and the smugs are taking a gamble by extending by a few years their occult devils lust crime spree for ALL wealth and ALL power.

    Perhaps there is a just God after all.

  6. Hell, they’ll even lie along with figures which show they’re lying, but still insist the lie is true. The San Jose Mercury News yesterday printed an article saying most Californians have a favorable view of the state’s future, even though only 44% thought so, 50% thought not and 6% didn’t know. So now 44 > 50 and if you don’t believe that you must be a terrorist.

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