7 thoughts on “The Unknown History of England’s Domestic Servants

  1. The Masterpiece production of Downton Abby which is very popular features a good example of servant staffs. This documentary gives a really good picture of that era, a kind of history of behind the scenes.

  2. What’s also unknown (by most) is the white slavery that was rampant in England in the 1700 – 1800s. Many were shipped to America.

    Don’t believe the ‘indentured servant’ bullsh#t. More jew lies.

    1. Really. From what I’ve read, most white “indentured servants” were treated much worse than black African slaves, the white ones often dying quite young since they were free to their owners and replaceable with the next shipment, while the black slaves commanded a hefty price.

      1. “They Were White, And They Were Slaves”, by Michael Hoffman is an excellent treatise on the subject, Enbe.

        And yes, black slaves were treated FAR better, considering ‘shipping charges’ in those days. Sometimes up to a quarter of the white slaves died on the passage over, due to poor nutrition, disease, and overcrowding.

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