The Wanton Destruction of the Middle Class and Justice

According to the Census Bureau, by definition, the middle class consists of those earning between $25,000 to $75,000 per year with the median household income of $51,914.  This is an odd revelation as I have heard it said many a time that the middle class goes up to $250,000 per year.  Maybe this is just another propaganda precipitated shift in the perception of reality.   It is an absolute fact that since the beginning of the so called mortgage derivative crisis, net, we have lost millions of jobs and continue to lose more steadily.

Now, Mitt Romney would say that yes, his Bain Capital did shut down factories in the United States and moved them to other countries resulting in of course thousands and thousands of American jobs being lost. (Under NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT Bain Capital was given tax payer dollars to move the companies.)  However, says Romney, he and Bain Capital are also responsible for creating new businesses in the United States and providing thousands and thousands of jobs.

The fact is 60% of the jobs created in this so called recovery which are being claimed by both Romney and Obama, are low wage providing only around $13 or less per hour.  Maybe this is the reason for the change in the definition of our middle class.  And as for the jobs from $13 per hour down to minimum wage, the majority are being worked by foreigners here on visas and illegals who pay no taxes and require no health care insurance.

This so called shift in the middle class is actually being blamed by some on higher education.  Apparently, as we have educated ourselves to a higher degree, we have forgotten how to manufacture.  This is such a pathetic and blatant lie.

One week you will hear these propagandists say that we need more foreign workers because our people do not have the higher education needed to fill jobs in high tech and management positions.  Then the next week you hear we need Mexicans to be brought in to pick apples because we Americans, with our higher educations, don’t know how to pick an apple correctly.

So what is the truth?

The corporate elite want everything and they can only have everything if they remove what is left of the middle class and replace our entire American work force with foreigners who are more than willing to work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, for room and board, hence slavery.

You see we Americans have become far too arrogant in thinking we have some kind of right to a decent standard of living just because all of the raw resources in our country, that in reality make the creation of the wealth possible, belong to us.

This being said the international elite based in our country are now trying to cut us down to size by putting such competition on the few jobs out there that eventually all wages are reduced to room and board, hence slavery.

I think too many of us have become sick at heart at having to accept the reality of our situation.  This is pathetic.  Don’t give in to apathy.  Get mad.  Get even.  Beat the elite down and take back that which they have stolen.  After which we will all be quite wealthy and can take a well earned ten year vacation to rest our weary bodies.  You have to remember the elite see us as animals and will work us to death like animals if we let them.

There are no words to describe their duplicity, though we will find such words when we put them on trial for their crimes.  Many just want a hemp party.  Personally, I’m leaning towards a tenure of hard labor in tearing down the prisons and FEMA camps that have been built using our wealth for the sole purpose of inflicting unwarranted misery upon us.  I say issue each one of them a plinking hammer and let them toil the rest of their days away, dismantling the evil, of which they are responsible for the creation thereof.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “The Wanton Destruction of the Middle Class and Justice

  1. God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail
    Correct Henry, in fact, prior to the 20th century most people did not have a “career”, working for someone else is a tax and slavery especially when you spend more than 40 hrs a week to do so. When working you are not taking care of your home and property, prior to the 20th century people worked the land they owned. This was entirely for themselves with a tax paid by their gain. In history free peoples who paid tax were land owners knowing that the only true wealth came from the land. People who did not own land did not pay tax.
    In Britian, during the beginning of the industrial age, 7 year old girls worked naked in mines also people were removed from their land and moved into cramped, smoke filled, cities for slave wages which barely allowed them to survive, while rich land owners lived in sprawling and luxurious estates.
    European peasants were less likely to have the modern implements of the the time but were better off.
    One reason for Napoleon’s success was he realized that starving the poor would ruin his political gains so he established and maintained price controls on food staples like wheat.
    Owning your own business in early America meant having a farm, one of the truly honest and best business’ in the history of man.

  2. “You see we Americans have become far too arrogant in thinking we have some kind of right to a decent standard of living just because all of the raw resources in our country, that in reality make the creation of the wealth possible, belong to us.”

    Blatant sarcasm, to be sure, Henry, but the sad fact is that the majority of Americans (sheeple) are reaping what they’ve sown.

    They’ve become bloated from too much fast food and too little exercise (their fault), dumbed down by the so-called public education system (mostly the governments’ fault, but partly theirs for not bothering to educate themselves to a certain degree), and wasting WAY too much time watching the idiot box (totally their fault) and believing all the lies and propaganda continually spewed out by the MSM, instead of using other means (the internet, books & dvd’s) of obtaining news and information.

    Unfortunately, most will probably pay the ultimate price for their lack of perception concerning the reality of our situation – with their lives.

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