The White-hating Nelson Mendela Lovefest Goes On

MENDELA LOVEFEST GOES ON 3Ingogman – by Phillip Marlowe

OK AMERICA, THIS Nelson Mandela BS has gone far enough. I am so sick and tired of this crap, I am about ready to friggin’ explode! Why don’t we just pay the GD Chinese a boatload of our taxpayer dollars to build a commie heroic-style statue of “Mandiba,”“Mandicka” — or whatever the flock they call him – and put the thing up in Washington DC next to the one of sacred MLK and be done with it?

If Mendela was an Arab muzzie or Palestinian, they would have had Seal Team 6 “double-tap” the guy right in the forehead  — even if he was an old man. Say what, Nazi boy? Yep, Nelson Mandela easily fit the bill for what we call a “terrorist” 24/7 these days. The militant wing of the African National Congress (ANC) under his command killed plenty of innocent people — White, blacks and “colored” (what they call people with Paki or Indian heritage) – by a wide variety of violent ways.  

What kills me is that for all intents and purposes, Israel is a racist Apartheid state right the flock now and you don’t hear the media screaming bloody murder about that, do you? There’s plenty of Palestinians rotting away in Zionist Gulags, while Israel and the media openly proclaims Israel as a JEWISH state.

And “Godly” little Israel often murders any who could present problems in the future. They might blow them to bits with a US-supplied Hellfire missile fired from a helicopter, or dispatch MOSSAD hit squads to take care of matters with “extreme prejudice,” just like they did to some Palestinian guy in his Dubai hotel room three years ago. The Zionists (or their agents) blow up people in Lebanon with car bombs all the time, turning dozens, sometimes hundreds, of innocent pedestrians into mince meat (they only care when other Jews getting killed, but sometimes not even then).

The bastards even have a Talmudic religious injunction (even the best of the Goyim must be killed) which would have given them some sort of “moral” excuse to kill Nelson Mandela right from the get-go. If Mendela had been a Palestinian, few would now remember who the hell he was, for crying out loud.

Big time media Jews, like Time magazine's former chief editor, Richard Stengel, are all over TV yapping about Mendela.

Big time media Jews, like Time magazine’s former chief editor, Richard Stengel, are all over TV yapping about how great Mendela was. Same backstabbers are all for open immigration into White countries, right along with all sorts of Nation Wrecking.

Israel even has an ongoing “kill list” they are steadily working through. Oh, sure, they’ll tell you the targets are “terrorists” and all sorts of crap to explain it away. But they call a lot of people “terrorists” these days, except for apparently… Nelson Mendala. Hell, the nervy damn Jews free free to brag about doing this kind of thing to their enemies anywhere they please. Hmmm.

Good God, America, just when are you going to get it about who’s in charge of this country’s head and brainwashing us? The narrative is obviously controlled by these people, not only in protecting sacred Israel’s image, but in manipulating us White Americans to sit quietly by, while they continue the NWO agenda of robbing us White people of our very own lands!

Mandela was never, ever the peace-loving Ghandi type like the media Jews and “cultural Marxists” make him out to be. It’s patently ridiculous how they are turning the man into a goodly hero guy — hell, even some sort of “person of color” demigod.

Like I said in a recent post, the Jew BS has now become so deep you need chest waders these days.

Mandela wasn’t jailed for his political beliefs as they would have you think, but for his acts of terrorism. South African president P. W. Botha offered him freedom in 1985 if he would only publicly renounce violence, which he refused to do.

The US media never has reported much on any of this – even your supposedly “conservative” FOX news. Like the business with Commie Russia killing tens of millions, the real power structure prefers the White “proletariat” stay dumb to the real deal.

One bombing that Mandela personally signed off and approved while in prison (admitted to in his own book), turned 19 innocent civilians into hamburger and wounded scores more (Church street, May 20, 1983).

Besides that “grand slam,” the black and Jew terrorists did dozens of other murderous bombings, just like what happened at the Boston marathon last spring. Remember how pissed everyone was over that? Imagine that kind of thing happening all the time — but specifically targeting White people.

Mendela freely admitted in court to have committed 168 acts of terror. Oh, the media tells you about the part where he told the court he had no problems dying for his cause — because they want him to appear so noble and brave. But plenty of Palestinians and Muslims have strapped bombs around themselves and you sure as hell don’t hear the media treating them like big time heroes.

This picture of Winnie Mendela, Nelson Mendela and Lithuanian Jew, Joe Slovo has been out there for years. So why doesn't FOX put it on the air?

This picture of Winnie Mendela, Nelson Mendela and a Lithuanian Jew named Joe Slovo has been out there for years. So why doesn’t FOX put it on the air and tell you about Mendela being a big communist?

Back when Mandela was incarcerated on Robbin island (in a little bitty 8 foot cell, oh my), Amnesty International refused to come to his defense, saying he was fairly convicted and sentenced, never being tortured or beaten for a confession — nor at any time during his incarceration did his jailers lay a hand on him. Elsewhere in murderous Africa, black dictators-for-life would have tortured and killed the guy in a Jew York minute.

Later, the hero of the people was moved to pretty luxurious accommodations on the mainland with phone, fax, his own cook and even a GD swimming pool. Just so he could help Botha stab White countrymen in the back and get himself a nice Nobel peace prize medal (which is all rigged to help Jew globalist machinations, BTW).

Not only was Nelson Mendela a terrorist, but a big time commie to boot. He was trained in Algeria by the Soviets to make bombs and once even wrote a book called “How to be a Good Communist.” Sure, the stinking US media stays quiet about him being a commie, but then again they don’t tell you tons of crap these days — including FOX news.

“With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country” - Winnie Mandela.

“With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country” – Winnie Mandela.

Funny how the US media has said ZILCH about any of this, or that his second wife, Winnie-pooh, was a sadistic murdering bitch, sometimes ordering wayward blacks under her ANC command to get “necklaced” (burned alive by putting gasoline-soaked tires around their neck and set aflame).

Folks, these are truly brutal bastards. No doubt whatsoever.

This past Sunday, Discovery channel had a documentary called “The Making of Nelson Mendela.” The media Jews shoveled out the BS in truck loads. They cleverly alluded to the things Mendela and his comrades did, but made it look like it was only blowing up power stations, transmission towers and such. They filmed a recreation of some black guys setting off a complicated bomb in what appeared to be just a grassy rural area and crazily running off (which looked kind of funny).

They said nothing at all about exploding bombs in crowded downtown places, or land mines blowing up innocent White families driving down the road, enjoying life.


And they certainly didn’t get into all the Commie Jews involved with the ANC. They had on this older Jew guy named Denis Goldberg making a big deal on how great Mandela was, but didn’t tell you about himself getting busted while plotting more terror acts, along with 3 other Commie Jews, 2 blacks (including ANC leader Walter Sisulu) and a “colored” guy (Indian) at a place called Rivonia farms, outside of Johannesburg, often called “JEW-burg” because of all the Jews living there.

At the end, they did show a picture of Goldberg at the time of his arrest, wearing his Trotskyite intellectual Jew glasses (above), but flashed it on the screen for only about a split second. At the farm, SA police found their written plans for an upcoming terrorist program called “Operation Mayibuye,” along with all kinds of bomb making stuff, limpet mines (like IEDs) and grenades. Of course, the documentary “forgot” to mention any of that.

This Goldberg guy has been milking the gravy train every since – movies, books, public suck-up displays of all sorts. Hell, these Commie Jews have even had their ugly mugs put on postage stamps for crying out loud.

Gill Marcus, the Jewish head of South Africa's Central Bank. This Lithuanian was a professer of gender studies.

Gill Marcus, Governor of South Africa’s Central Bank. This Lithuanian Jew was a professor of gender studies before heading a gold mining company and bank.

Basically, devious International Jewry stole the country and turned European Whites living there into a spat-upon, discriminated against, and victimized minority. Globalist Jew media and commie Jew terrorists worked together to literally have the country turned over to the White-haters. International Jew corporations like DeBeers diamonds still have full control and all the little SA Jews have suffered not a whit, unless White-hating blacks mistake them for being White European Afrikaners, and then all kinds of police forces get called in.

More than likely, Jew neighborhoods are heavily protected by the police.

Many European White South Africans now live in abject poverty, in fact, they are even openly denied many jobs by law. People can actually go to jail for hiring White people. Meanwhile, anywhere in the country, black criminal gangs target Whites for brutal crimes, and when I say brutal, I damn well mean it. They often break into White homes and torture entire families to death.

Sometimes the bastards try to explain it all away as “crime” (like they do in America whenever blacks do violence to Whites), but it’s actually Stage 6 genocide, just below open murder by organized political forces of the state (there’s some black politicians who advocate doing precisely that). Imagine if dozens of Whites suffered incredibly brutal murders in your own little state on a monthly, or even weekly basis. Imagine having to live with that kind of fear?

About 70,000 White people have been murdered in South Africa since 1994, almost 5,000 of that number rural White farmers (the Boers). 25,000 square miles of White lands have been confiscated and turned over to blacks, who soon let the places fall to rust and rot. Same kind of thing was done to British Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe), where people now routinely starve or get hacked to death with machetes, and the currency is now virtually worthless.

Now you might be telling yourself this INCOG guy is nothing but a racist hater and all, but I’m telling you from the bottom of my black little heart, this is what these Globalist Jews have in store for America. The evidence is right in front of your fat face — EVERYWHERE. You could easily say South Africa was a trial run for what they are now working to do to the United States of America. No doubt whatsoever.

What the hell more do I need to say to get your attention?

You can sit there on your fat ass and watch NFL football or “Dancing with the Stars,” all day long and tell yourself that God will take care of things. But don’t they also tell you God helps those that help themselves?

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  1. I suggest we organize a very well armed fleet of flotillas and go to SA
    and take care of business. It’s time to turn your back on what’s called
    a gov. Nothing to see here but pro communists and traitors and cowards.

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