4 thoughts on ““The Whole World Needs To Hear This”

  1. Thanks EOTS, such important words. I know many in my life who still believe the false authority and cannot see how those beliefs empower the system, the system of control. It’s tough to reach such people but still necessary to keep tryin’, even when we find ourselves in the line of fire. I remember many years back when I first started seeing through the illusion. I noticed all the tv stations were delivering the same script. Light-bulb!! “OMG!!,” said I, “we’re being lied to,” which led to “the whole thing is a big lie.” Talk about epiphany!!

    And so little talk anywhere acclaiming that we are unlimited. That very system is even thwarting our potential and delaying (even reversing) evolution. A few days ago on the show Henry touched on this, mentioning that we’ve had no great breakthroughs like “splitting the atom” or even “the industrial revolution.” And I began to think that breakthroughs are just waiting for us to tap into them, in every field, from science to music. All we have to do is move the oppressor out of the way. And we shall. And for me that’s one of the many motivations in being willing to fight for freedom: to see human potential soar. I can’t wait. We will again do the most wonderful things imaginable.


    1. Another thing that really throws the “False Authority” ..,, is when you tell them you dont fear your own death , and actually live like it . Blows their fiken mind
      it also ( if you are true about it ) it becomes very liberating

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