17 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – April 14, 2022

      1. Yes, you are right.
        Mostly out of it in the machine shed/landfill shed/airplane hanger fixing rusty ancient waaay over used thingies.
        And a couple things that ain’t 🙂

        1. I hear ya Hal, after 10yrs. Finally covering up a “land fill” 1/4 acre of a pit with anything and everything for 100yrs. Dust bowl but we have a great compound where we share equipment. When we can get it we make it work.We are all praying for rain.
          Oh by the way I got a egg incubator, thanks.

  1. Is Lady Liberty actually a man? The iconic statue, which has been standing in New York Harbor as a symbol of freedom and opportunity since 1886, may actually be modeled after a male, a new Discovery Family program, “Secrets of America’s Favorite Places,” suggests. We’ve been lied to all our life.

    1. Yep.
      The Mason statue is quite manish.
      It should be jammed full with the peckerheads in DC, towed out to the Marianna Trench, and scuttled.

      1. “Whiskers sticking out from underneath of his pancake makeup (he was a beautiful lady) nearly drove you insane”
        – Frank Zappa, Broken Hearts are For Assholes

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