The Word From the Trenches – December 2, 2022

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9 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – December 2, 2022

  1. I drank too much coffee today. My mom passed away this morning, 14 months after taking the Moderna death shot. I heard the broadcast today. I’m up all night. Can’t sleep. My mind gave me an idea for promoting the Bill of Rights. Lawn signs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc… “Obliterate the B.A.R. Restore the B.O.R.”

    That was after conjuring up the idea for sign made using an unfinished 2×4 and a cardboard cut out of smellen Yellen.

    At the hospital last night they ordered me to put on a mask. I said no. I can’t wear one. “Can you wear it under your nose?” No. I can’t do that. “Why?” You wouldn’t believe me, even if I told you, and even if it was the truth. Nothing more was said about it. I was able to enter and be there to say my final good-bye.

    1. Sorry to hear about your mom passing, Diana. And I wish you strength in these tough times. I just gotta believe that all our efforts at freeing up the world are going to add up and get the job done.


  2. Sorry for the loss of your mom Diana. I could tell you about my oldest daughter.. but im saving it for a nother time. Sincerely Ken

    1. Before she took that shot, before she started getting sick whenever I would go for a visit or to run errands with her, I would tell her all about the Trenches and the American Bill of Rights based on what I was learning from the broadcasts. I shared all the best truthful info I could with her, but her indoctrination as a public health nurse ran too deep. I am sorry she made the wrong choice as well. Ken, I’m here for you when you are ready to talk about your oldest daughter.

  3. galen, I have similar hopes. I had a small victory going through the process of multiple hospitalizations over the past 14 months. Fighting the “just wear the mask to get through it” family members, I was able to also defy the mask nazis at the hospital and hold my ground against the most aggressive ones among them. It would have been nice to be able to go about my business there and be left in peace, but I ended up fighting my way through on my terms, not theirs. Surviving the gauntlet of the mask nazis is small victory, at least for me.

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