34 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – November 15, 2018

  1. Also, take control of the media outlets. Fire immediately every cop and sheriff. The sheriffs must retake their oath. Privatize public schooling. You want to send YOUR children to a school, YOU pay for it!

        1. Yeah, and every year around June I’m reminded by the states yellow piece of paper telling us how much we owe to the FISD. It’s better than 90% of that stupid bill.

          I have no problem paying for the roads and bridges which is also on that property tax bill. I use them, so no problem supporting them. I don’t know if there’s a better way to pay for the roads and bridges once we straighten this monster out. Point is, if I don’t use a service I sure DON’T want to pay for it.

          1. Katie,
            For what we pay in the gas taxes for roads and the what the truckers pay in PUC, our roads should be paved in silver.
            Instead we have a huge worthless corporate transportation department with hundreds of thousands of employees with pensions, medical, not to mention far above average wages, acres of equipment, and hard to tell how many resorts and other properties the Department of Transportation holds in their CAFR accounts.
            I think we could do a much better job if they just sent us our annuities just from our stolen oil, and I’ve got to believe that a couple of us could pay for a hundred miles of the finest road and consider it chump change. Think of all the jew hands the money goes through between the gas pump and road the tax is supposed to be paying for. I’ll bet you not a whole cent of the dollar actually goes to the road. We are so lucky to be subjects of such a generous realm.

  2. Henry your statement about already living under anarchy is so correct. Without our common law courts there is NO way to get justice. I’d have had a bunch of IRS agents in there already. Heck, if the courts were in place, nobody would be dealing with this theft.

  3. How about we hang a hemp rope from the torch on the Statue of Liberty to remind the world that this will be their justice for violating any of our rights once this place is cleaned up and out. After it’s clean, then that statue will actually represent liberty and freedom FOR American nationals.

  4. I’m in winter haven, Florida

    Warm and wet

    Drove down from Chicago rained like hell the whole way

    I’ll catch the show in archives, Henry has had some great shows lately

    Looks like I’ll be spending Thanksgiving in shy town, oh well..sure miss family and friends thanksgivings, hate being alone on holidays. Damn…

    1. Mark, if you’re able to make it to the Rockford area on Thanksgiving, you can dine with our family. Only an hour or so from Chi-town depending where you are unloading. Get my email addy from Henry and follow up.

      1. Hi Darzak,

        Angel sent me your awesome offer for thx dinner. I was passed out and didn’t see it until just now. I would be honored to have dinner with you, let me find out where I’m unloading and I’ll get back to you brother.

        Very kind of you to invite me, I’ll get back to you asap my friend. I’ll know a lot more by tomorrow by noon eastern time. Right now I’m empty in Haines city, Florida. I told them get me back to Chicago, so we will see what happens, probably going to be a Monday delivery.

        Talk to you soon.

          1. Wish you could too Angel,

            Someday were all going to have to get together. Have a great Holiday!

          2. Angel, I feel for ya….I am so happy not to have to deal with nasty winter…stay warm. 🙂

  5. How will things run when we take our country back? I remember we covered this just a tiny bit here:


    All I can think of now is: “If not we, who?” There is no passing the buck.

    What a broadcast, Henry, with the raising of the most important questions. I too, cringe when I hear the “A” word (anarchy). The suffering that would come out of that is humungous. I think of the elderly, the frail and ill, and the very little ones. But organization could alleviate some of that, and at least it’s a start.

    I think you hit on it, friend. THE OATH!! The oath of allegiance to The Bill of Rights. What an important beginning. Almost feels like a page can be started right now asking WHO WILL SIGN ON? Possible header:

    Help Assure Your Own Freedom And That Of Generations To Come

    I could never express it as clearly as you did today, Henry, but that oath can go out to all factions of life, to pilots, doctors, engineers, EVERYONE!! With the oath can be a place for each to list his or her own area of expertise, which, of course, could be reviewed by others who claim such expertise. We might have to add: Anyone not willing to honor a code of honesty need not apply. Yet I know we’ll never live without risk of transgression. Geez.

    How simplistic I am sounding. But you asked for ideas. It’s no small assignment to come up with managing a country, and in such a way that assures each individual the freedom and protection of The Bill of Rights and The Common Law. We have the blueprint; now we are about working on the implementation. Of course, we’re inheriting a mess, not just because of the misdeeds of those in charge for many centuries, but also because of how the people have become so reliant on others to make their lives work, to solve their problems. They have been ripped off of self-determinism and that is what I see you restoring. For me it is a brand new vision, an opportunity to see what it feels like to not be a subject. Hallelujah!!

    I will give a second listen to the broadcast and continue to work on ideas, strategies. How dare we?!! Again, “If not we, who?”


      1. Thanks, Mary. I’m just trying to make a start. I have to believe the best minds will come forth and the sorting out will happen.

        Henry brings us where we have to go. Henry brings us where we have to go. Henry brings us where we have to go.

        ps: I’ll cover the candied yams.



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